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Introduction to Valentino's Home, Career, & Clientele (02:57)


Valentino Garavani's 40-year career represents an eternity in the fashion industry, making it fitting that he lives in Rome -- the eternal city. He's the prototype of the celebrity designer, having earned the public admiration of Jackie O.

Valentino's Appeal Across Generations (02:04)

Valentino's appeal has persisted through the decades. He dressed icons and divas of the 1950s, but he believes women are more casual and "real" today.

Celebrity Clientele & Praise (03:30)

Among Valentino's admirers are some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities. Stars at an event celebrating Valentino's 40th year in fashion describe what's so appealing about his designs. He smartly caters to celebrities' desires.

Valentino's Sensibility for Beauty as a Child (02:52)

Inspired by his sister's fashion magazines, Valentino knew he wanted a career in fashion at age 14. He recalls a vivid memory from age 6 of being fascinated by a dress, saying his eye has always been drawn to beauty.

Early Fashion Experience & Designer Friends (02:48)

Valentino moved to Paris at 17 and worked in a fashion house, where he learned valuable skills. He socialized with Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld. One expert characterizes Valentino by his persistence in the timeless principles of glamour.

Rome's 'La Dolce Vita' Era (01:46)

Valentino returned to Rome in 1959 to open a boutique. He describes Rome's "la dolce vita" in its impact on tourism, film, nightlife, and overall culture.

Valentino Meets Giammetti (02:35)

On the fashionable Via Veneto in Rome, Valentino met Giancarlo Giammetti, who would become his business partner.

Giammetti & Valentino's Industry Innovations (03:00)

Together, Giancarlo Giammetti and Valentino invented successful business formulas which are copied by designers today. Their industry innovations came about organically and included multiple page magazine spreads and use of a logo.

Global Breakout Moment & White Collections (03:10)

Valentino went global in 1968 with his white collection. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis wore his dress at her wedding and put him on the map. Since then, white has been a running theme and lucky charm in Valentino's collections.

Designing in Paris with 'La Dolce Vita' Aesthetic (03:38)

In 1969, Valentino moved back to Paris -- the capital of fashion. There, he introduced his ready-to-wear collection. Today, his Paris collections are still infused with the Roman "dolce vita" glamour and appeal.

Valentino's Customer & Unchanging Vision (02:44)

Fans of Valentino appreciate his consistent vision. His customer is sophisticated, wealthy, and confident.

Val's Gals: Fans & Models (03:06)

Valentino prospered during the heyday of the supermodel. Stephanie Seymour, Naomi Campble and others comment. Dalma, whose untrained catwalk strut and Latina flare complimented his designs, inspired Valentino most. Contains fashion-related nudity.

Valentino's Signature Red (01:42)

Valentino describes the inspiration behind his signature color: red. One expert describes red as the color a Valentino woman was born to wear.

Valention's Couture (02:03)

Valentino's couture atelier allows him creative freedom in an otherwise commercial market, since it only represents 1% of his business.

Praise for Valentino & His Atelier (01:57)

Fans describe the elegance and femininity in Valentino's clothes. One expert credits Valentino's couture atelier with his marriage of pristine tailoring and opulent, fantastical glamour.

Lifetime Achievement (03:20)

Valentino has been called ruthless in his pursuit of elegance, or, as the Italians call it, "la bella figura." He earned a lifetime achievement award at the American Designer Awards in 2000. Valentino says he wouldn't change a thing about his career.

Valentino's Legacy (03:15)

Giancarlo Giammetti hopes that, when he and Valentino are gone, their fashion house will on with strength. Valentino wishes to be remembered for his work.

Credits: Valentino: Masters of Style (00:60)

Credits: Valentino: Masters of Style

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We are used to the idea of the celebrity designer—thanks, largely, to Valentino Garavani, who is arguably the prototype. A ruler in the world of fashion for decades, he became entirely identified with the lifestyle of his rich and famous clientele to the point where the women he dressed—Jackie O and Elizabeth Taylor, to name only two—became known as “Val’s Gals.” This program offers a retrospective of the life and career of the ineffably chic fashion designer known simply as Valentino. Contains fashion-related nudity. A part of the series Masters of Style. (48 minutes)

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