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Latin & English Influences (02:12)


John Galliano remarks on the combination of early influences on his style: his early childhood in Gibraltar and his subsequent move to London.

Design Education & Theatre Background (02:20)

Galliano studied at Saint Martins College of Art & Design and researched often at the Victoria and Albert Museum. He worked in theatre, which lent another dimension to his clothing. His teachers remember his ambition, creativity, and respect for history.

First Collection & Punk Sensibility (01:43)

In Galliano's first acclaimed collection, he embraced androgynous trends of the time and took them to a new level. He infused his work with 1980s punk edge and bold expression, feeling that the world's spotlight was on London.

"Starving Artist" in Paris (02:21)

In an interview with John Galliano from 10 years earlier, Galliano discusses his commercial decision to show his collections in Paris and to go international. He lived on the generosity of others while slowly gaining recognition.

Paris Debut (01:32)

Galliano's first Paris showing shook up the Paris fashion scene with its theatricality and boundary-pushing. He attracted even haute couture clientele.

1994 Autumn/Winter Collection in Paris (03:22)

Galliano's show in March of 1994 was confident, alluring, and sophisticated despite his limited resources. The show was produced last minute with support from people who believed in him enough to donate time, money, and a venue.

Fashion Show as a Theatrical Event (02:18)

Galliano's shows build an atmosphere and tell a story, incorporating thematic elements in the invitations, locations, sets, hair, and makeup. His intimate, adventurous shows began attracting high profile audience members, like Madonna.

Infectious Passion & Inspired Collaboration (03:42)

Galliano's style in the 1990s stood in contrast to minimalist trends. He was joined by talented team members. Models, most notably Naomi Campbell, famously appreciate Galliano's passion and the story behind his shows.

Givenchy Partnership (03:20)

Bernard Arnault recruited Galliano for Givenchy. For his first of two Givenchy Couture collections, he looked to his Spanish roots. One critic called it the triumph of the combination of money and talent.

Christian Dior Partnership (05:29)

Bernard Arnault invited Galliano to become the new head designer for Christian Dior, an honor which came with pressure. The Dior-Galliano partnership is largely seen as harmonious.

Success with Dior Collections (02:05)

Galliano's first shows with Dior illustrate the possibilities of boundless creativity and limitless resources. The ready-to-wear collections were extravagant, and the haute couture collections explored fantasy.

1998 Dior Showing at the Opéra Garnier (01:09)

Galliano's most triumphant show with Dior was staged in January of 1998 at Paris' Opéra Garnier, drawing from music and ballet as inspiration.

Galliano's Solo Label (00:40)

While at Dior, Galliano mounted complex and extravagant shows for his own label. Though his own collections sometimes blended with Dior's, they were generally darker and more decadent. (Contains fashion-related nudity.)

Recognition, Failure, & Commercial Transition (02:47)

Galliano received the Designer of the Year Award and much attention from celebrities. After critics panned his Pocahontas collection, he toned down his subsequent Dior Boutique line and evolved to embrace a new commercial sensibility.

Transforming Dior's Brand (02:00)

Galliano embraced a new phase of marketing and merchandising, becoming more interested in "the bottom line" of the fashion industry. Dior's advertising campaigns served to cut the average age of the average Dior customer in half.

Galliano's Personal Fitness (01:42)

Galliano's pursuit of perfection manifests itself in his work as well as in his physical fitness.

Galliano's Personal Image & Spring/Summer 2000 Collection (01:39)

Galliano's own image has tends to embody the essence of whatever collection he's working on at any given time. His latest collections with Dior, like the Lauryn Hill collection, embrace the "funky beat of the street" and explore ideas of deconstruction and cubism.

Political Themes in Galliano's Design (00:10)

In January of 2000, Galliano's collection contained influences of homelessness and lunacy.

Controversy & Research Methodology (02:01)

Galliano has lived with professional and personal controversy throughout his life. He conducts painstaking research and preparations for his work, often drawing from taboo source material.

Galliano's Reflections on His Career (03:51)

Galliano comments on the ephemeral nature of beauty, romance, and success. In vintage interview footage, he describes the feeling of wearing something wonderful.

Credits: John Galliano: Masters of Style (00:60)

Credits: John Galliano: Masters of Style

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Madness, delirium, and decadence—these are words that have attached themselves to John Galliano, whose sensibilities combine a reverence for the past that springs naturally from his Spanish roots and a sense of theater sharpened by his English upbringing. This program profiles the controversial fashionista, who has made a career of fashion “moments” ranging from a London graduation show in 1984 to couture work in Paris for Christian Dior. Over and over again, Galliano has proved how much more there is to fashion than mere clothes. Contains fashion-related nudity. A part of the series Masters of Style. (48 minutes)

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