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Intro: Websex: What's the Harm (01:14)


English soap opera star Nathalie Emmanuel orients viewers to the world of Websex and sets out to answer the questions: Why are young people doing this; what are they getting out of it; and what are they risking?

Social Networking Now Sexual Networking (04:02)

18 year-old Raf uses social networking to target girls. He talks frankly with Nathalie Emmanuel about his success getting girls to have sex with him through his elaborate sexting and Facebook activities. He thinks girls who send naked or other sexual pictures to boys they don't know are stupid. He gets many such pictures. (Explicit language)

Who is Sending Explicit Images? (01:08)

Young people share brief experiences of sending and receiving explicit images.

What Girls Get Out Flirting Online (03:38)

18 year-old Caragh turned to online socializing after bullying at school destroyed her self-esteem. She meets new guys online every week and it boosts her confidence. She receives nude photos but has also met a boyfriend that way.

Sexting Research (02:10)

We hear from Andy Phippen of Plymouth University, a researcher who has observed blase attitudes toward sexting in 14-16 year olds. Nathalie Emmanuel helps him drum up business in a study of 16-24 year-olds.

GPS Technology: Grindr (04:21)

This smart phone app was designed to help gay males find other gay males in the near vicinity. We see a demonstration courtesy of Nick, who along with Nathalie goes on a "treasure hunt" to find the mystery men.

Easy to Cheat (02:27)

24 year-old Becky in Somerset participated in her "first Internet hookup," while she was a teen. Since then, she has had sex with 45 guys--many while she was in other relationships. She talks about finding herself on the other side--being the one cheated on, and how that made her feel about her behavior.

Study Results: Websex (02:51)

Andy Phippen of Plymouth University discusses the results of his study, that about 80% of 16-24 year-olds have used the Internet for sexual activity. Around 40% of those who have explicit interactions via Web cam, do so with a stranger. Prof. Phippen offers analysis of how many are meeting for casual sex.

Risks Associated with Social/Sexual Networking (02:13)

Hear a discussion of the rise in sexually transmitted infections/STIs in the UK and how it correlates to the increasing numbers using technology for explicit contact. Is it all bad news?

Cyber Sex Web Sites (04:42)

23 year-old Cain is pro web-cam sex. He shares his experiences with Nathalie Emmanuel. Emmanuel goes online with Cain's support. Cain, who started using the Internet for sex as a teen, explains that it was a way to explore and learn about sex. Emmanuel expresses discomfort. (Explicit language and images)

Brandy: Stolen Identity (02:37)

Learn how one model has had her identity faked on Facebook and other networking sites. The imposters solicit sex in her name. (Explicit language)

Exploitation: Screen Capture (01:37)

Learn how easily explicit Web cam images can be stolen by the other party and uploaded to the web.

Exploitation: Pictures in the Wrong Hands (03:29)

A victim of stolen images and video tells her story. Learn the difficulty of getting explicit images taken down from Web sites and severs. Hear statistics about the likelihood video/explicit images will be passed on to strangers. (Explicit language)

Exploitation: Revenge! (03:33)

Peter used explicit pictures of his ex-girlfriend to get even when she cheated on him. He used her password and changed her profile picture and other details of her Facebook account to humiliate her. Nathalie Emmanuel challenges the ethics of his actions, citing the potential for harm to the victim. (Explicit language)

When Websex Becomes a Crime (02:31)

An attorney explains when online sexual activity is illegal; she emphasizes the importance of educating teens about the risks of explicit online interaction.

Websex: Live Performances (04:41)

Performing for thousands online, this female is interviewed anonymously about her choice to masturbate in front of a Web cam. She explains how the broadcast is done. She is unconcerned about "screen captures," and says she enjoys doing it, it gives her confidence and isn't hurting anyone. (Explicit images)

What Do People Think About Websex (03:05)

We hear perspectives from several young people. A relationship psychologist talks about the pros and cons of Websex.

The Reality of Websex (02:16)

A relationship psychologist talks about what one should consider when engaging in Websex with strangers; it is a disconnected, personal experience that could end up being shared with millions. Websex is unlikely to meet relationship needs and the risk of online relationships include the loss of real-world friendships and intimate connections.

GPS Technology: Blendr (02:28)

Technology writer Emma demonstrates Blendr, a heterosexual version of Grindr. Emma points out how such an app can put a woman at risk. She also explains how the developer makes money of your personal information. Technology writer Emma says this technology is making people more like products than ever before.

Summary and Credits: Websex: What’s the Harm? (01:21)

English soap opera star Nathalie Emmanuel shares what she has learned about the benefits and risks of explicit online interactions. Credits: Websex: What’s the Harm?

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Would you show yourself naked on video camera or via cell phone to someone you know? How about to a complete stranger? Thousands of teenagers and young adults do this regularly, and for most, it’s one of the highlights of their week. In this program, English soap opera star Nathalie Emmanuel investigates this growing phenomenon and lends some insights into the trend. Why are young people doing this, what are they getting out of it, and what are they risking? Some content may be objectionable. A BBC Production. (57 minutes)

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