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Valuable Player (04:14)


Head coach Kathy Delaney-Smith says that Emily Tay is her most valuable basketball player, yet Tay lacks self-confidence. We see clips from Tay's games. Tay does janitorial work at Harvard to make extra money.

Day before a Big Game (04:34)

Tay and her best friend talk about their futures. The Harvard team travels to Ithaca to play Cornell. Tay says she has social anxiety. While she gets her foot wrapped, she jokes with her friends.

Harvard vs. Cornell (02:31)

The Harvard coach is disappointed by the girls' performance. She screams at her players. Harvard wins. Coach tells them to prepare their thinking for the championship game coming up.

Family Life (02:22)

Tay talks about her childhood in her Burmese family home. Tay's parents want her to go to graduate school.

Basketball Inspiration (01:24)

Allen Iverson's style and skill in basketball inspired Tay when she was young. She practiced imitating his moves. She learned to toughen up as a child so that she could play basketball with the boys.

Family Traditions (02:05)

Tay visits the Buddhist temple regularly with her family. She recalls how she got into a prestigious high school. Tay admits that she is gay but knows her mother will "destroy" her if she finds out.

Tay Comes Out (04:05)

We meet Tay's girlfriend. Tay and her best friend discuss whether Tay is more butch or more feminine. Tay is the only gay player on the Harvard team.

Playing on the Harvard Team (02:30)

We see a clip of Tay's 'no look pass' that she is known for. Tay's best friend, Katie, is injured in a game.

Privileged Child (02:43)

Tay recalls that her parents have always invested in her talents rather than in her brother's. He is more traditional, and will go through an arranged marriage process.

Harvard vs. Yale (02:58)

Harvard has 10 wins and 2 losses as they enter the game with Yale. We watch game highlights. Harvard wins.

Senior Night (01:13)

The basketball team celebrates Senior Night with a banquet for the families. Tay and her father address the group.

Final Game of the Season (05:08)

The Harvard coach psyches her team up to win against Dartmouth. Coach screams at the players to get the rebounds. At halftime, coach hammers the women about rebounding. Harvard loses to Dartmouth.

Graduation (05:06)

Tay and her classmates are moving out after graduation. She and her girlfriend break up. She is disappointed to learn that her best friend Katie is going to live in New Jersey because she had wanted to live near her.

European Team Opportunity (03:18)

Emily Tay is in Los Angeles with high school friends. A basketball team in Viernheim, Germany, chooses her and her friend Katie to play pro ball.

New Home/New Team (04:17)

Katie and Tay arrive in their new apartment in Germany. They work out with their new team for the first time. The Americans will be considered the star players until they prove otherwise.

Adapting to New Life (02:24)

Tay and Katie adjust to German culture. Tay learns to drive a stick shift German car. They hand out flyers for their basketball team. The Germans consider Emily Tay exotic.

Standards (03:25)

Emily, who considers herself shy, feels she can let go more in Germany. She makes friends with other team players. Emily and Katie are reprimanded and told to live up to higher standards.

Conflicts with the Coach (02:43)

Tay's coach in Viernheim wants Emily to step up to function somewhat like an assistant coach. The coach is enraged with his team for poor playing.

Bad Behavior (03:33)

Tay and Katie give themselves a bad name by staying out late and playing poorly. Other players complain to the coach. The Americans are almost sent home. Tay meets Angela, an American in the military, with whom she falls in love.

Semifinal Game (02:12)

It is the play-off semifinal game, and Viernheim wins.

Traveling Together (04:42)

Tay, her girlfriend Angela, and Katie travel together. When Angela is away from the military, she can be more expressive towards Tay. Tay's parents do not yet know she is gay. Tay is miserable about what her parents might think.

Championship Series: Game 1 (03:56)

Tay's Viernheim team is in a championship series. It is Game 1. Tay's team loses. The coach is angry at his starters--3 out of 5 are undependable.

Tay's Determination (02:35)

Tay talks to Katie about the next season. The coach apologizes for making his criticism seem personal. Tay says she wants to lead the team to the championship.

Championship Series: Game 2 (04:30)

Tay's team is down by one basket at halftime. Katie fouls out, as she often does. Viernheim loses. Katie returns to the United States. Tay says she is committed to playing pro ball in Germany.

Family Bonding (03:16)

Tay and her girlfriend Angela spend several weeks in California. Tay has a heart-to-heart with her parents. They tell her what it was like when they first came to the U.S. Tay says she is proud that her parents are who they are.

Times Change (02:02)

Tay wonders how to tell her parents that she is gay. One year after Tay's visit to the States from Germany, her friend Katie works in a Boston PR firm. Angela, Tay's girlfriend re-enlists. Tay and Angela live in Germany, and Tay plays on a pro ball team. Tay tells her dad she is gay.

Credits: No Look Pass: The Story of Basketball Star Emily Tay (02:23)

Credits: No Look Pass: The Story of Basketball Star Emily Tay

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Balancing Hoop Dreams–style sports drama with a rich exploration of cultural and sexual identity, this film tells the story of Harvard point guard Emily Tay—specifically, her quest to play professionally in Europe, transcend the expectations of her conservative Burmese-born parents, and live openly and happily as a lesbian. While Tay’s signature “no look pass” leaves no doubt as to her prowess on the court, she faces more difficulty with challenges like forestalling an arranged marriage or fitting into Harvard’s daunting social and academic environment. Emily must discover her own American dream—which means moving to Germany, falling in love with a U.S. servicewoman living under the ">don’t ask, don’t tell" policy, becoming a team leader, and telling her parents who she really is. In short, she must find the courage to live her own game plan, even if she has to improvise. Contains mature language and themes. (87 minutes)

Length: 88 minutes

Item#: BVL52591

ISBN: 978-1-61753-230-6

Copyright date: ©2011

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Reviews & Awards

“Successfully combines the thrills of a sports movie…with nuclear-family drama, a culture clash, a love story, and even a rare celebration of female friendship. From a theoretical standpoint, it explores the intersectionality of gender, culture, sexual orientation, and class.”  Ms. Magazine


“Stunning… a sensitive, nuanced, and heartrending examination of a young woman's personal and professional development in rarefied environments…”  The Huffington Post


“Director Melissa Johnson dips into a feel-good zone with this true-life tale of a most unlikely sports heroine who busts all nature of taboos…. Ranks right up there with such LGBT sports classics as Training Rules…”  The Bay Area Reporter


“Tay doesn’t make all the baskets that come her way in life. But she’s got the guts to take shots. And when she does make baskets, literally and metaphorically, No Look Pass brings a smile as wide as a three-point perimeter.”  VCinema


“No Look Pass is something to see...”  Mission Local


Winner, Special Programming Award for Freedom, Outfest: The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival


Audience Award, Best Documentary Feature, Sand Franciso IndieFest


Verizon Audience Award, Best Documentary, San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

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