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Geography: Tanzania & Zanzibar (01:16)


Host Ian Wright sails in the Indian Ocean on his way to the island of Zanzibar. Also on his agenda is Tanzania, the largest country in East Africa. Wright outlines his journey on a map.

Zanzibar's Beaches & Exports (02:45)

Host Ian Wright relaxes on the island of Zanzibar, which is known for its beaches. Zanzibaris export seaweed to Japan but do not eat it themselves. Instead, Wright enjoys a plate of pilau rice, a Zanzibari dish.

Zanzibar's Stone Town, Religious Demographics, & Slave Trade History (03:42)

While in Stone Town in Zanzibar City, host Ian Wright visits the Anglican Cathedral, a monument to the Christian anti-slavers who helped end the Arab slave trade. He tours the slave chambers and learns about the atrocities of the slave trade.

Zanzibari Decorated Doors (01:05)

Decorating the front of the House of Wonders in Zanzibar Town is just one of Zanzibar's many historic and intricate doors. Though they were once exported, they're now protected.

Zanzibari Street Food (01:25)

At night, host Ian Wright visits Jamituri Gardens where street vendors sell cheap and diverse food. He tastes a Zanzibari pizza and ice cream flavored with ingredients from the Spice Islands.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (02:08)

Host Ian Wright travels by hydrofoil from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania. He retells Makonde legend as he shops for traditional, intricate figures carved from wood.

Tanzania's Expat Community (02:12)

Host Ian Wright immerses himself in Tanzania's expatriate culture, where expats from Britain, South Africa, and Scandinavia populate local taverns and speak "the international language of alcohol."

Tanzania's Selous Game Reserve (01:50)

Host Ian Wright rides the TAZARA Railway to the Selous Game Reserve, which is the world's largest. He stays the night at one of the more upscale lodges.

Tanzanian River Safari (02:05)

Host Ian Wright sets out on a river safari in the relatively untouched East African wilderness near Lake Tagalala. He observes elephants, hippos, cranes, turtles, and other wildlife and goes for a swim in hot sulfur streams.

Lake Tanganyika & Chimpanzee Reserve (05:27)

Host Ian Wright flies to Kigoma in western Tanzania. He boats across Lake Tanganyika to reach the Gombe Stream Chimp Reserve, where he learns about chimps and interviews Jane Goodall, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute.

Arusha, Tanzania (02:02)

Host Ian Wright visits the "hustle and bustle" city of Arusha. He practices the art of haggling and embraces the commercialism of the city.

Touring the Serengeti (02:59)

Host Ian Wright tours the Olduvai Gorge in the Serengeti plain, where archaeologists have discovered evidence of the original humans. He stays in a tent in the Ngorongoro Crater and observes wildlife close up.

Tanzania's Maasai People (02:17)

The Maasai people inhabit the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. Host Ian Wright learns about their traditional hairstyle, customs, and economic exchange with tourists.

Serengeti Safari by Car & Hot Air Balloon (04:19)

Host Ian Wright observes East African wildlife on the Serengeti, or "Endless Plains." He then rides in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti to achieve a unique perspective on the animals and landscape below.

Planning to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (02:21)

Host Ian Wright prepares to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, which can be a tricky process without the right guide.

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (04:35)

Host Ian Wright documents his 4-day climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro and interviews other climbers about their experiences. (Brief sexual reference)

Credits: East Africa—Tanzania and Zanzibar: Globe Trekker (00:59)

Credits: East Africa—Tanzania and Zanzibar: Globe Trekker

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East Africa—Tanzania and Zanzibar: Globe Trekker

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In this Globe Trekker video, traveler Ian Wright begins his African adventure on the historic island of Zanzibar, a former center of the Arab-dominated slave trade that lasted until 1922, and traces the path of Dr. Livingstone, an explorer and antislavery campaigner, from a crocodile and hippo filled river safari on the world's biggest game reserve, Selous, to the scenic Kigoma on the western edge of Tanzania and the Gome Stream Chimpanzee colony run by famed anthropologist Dr. Jane Goddall. Along the way Wright makes time to wander the food markets of Zanzibar and visit Dar Es Salaam, the bustling capital of Tanzania. All this before a stunning hot air balloon ride over Tanzania's most famous game park, the Serengeti, populated by over 1.5 million wild animals, and an exhausting week-long climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain. (44 minutes)

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