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Catering Personnel (01:43)


When corporate clients order large numbers of menu items for their business guests, catering personnel get into action.

Food Safety Compliance (02:15)

The catering personnel manager is responsible for compliance with laws and regulations such as staff hygiene and food handling safety. In Australia the penalties are very high for those who break food laws.

Chicken: Special Handling (02:15)

To feed meals to 32,000 guests, caterers start cooking chicken breasts 2 months before the event. Monitoring chicken temperature is vital to avoid contamination. Cooked chicken is flash frozen and vacuum packed.

Film Set Catering (03:45)

Viewers get a tour of a former tour bus that is now a catering van that prepares and serves food on film sets. We see the speeded-up action of the caterers at work.

Event Catering (03:15)

Computer software for menu management helps event planners organize different menus ordered by corporate clients. This leads up to the day when the event caterers feed 32,000 people. Viewers watch the preparation.

Serving Large Crowds at Home (00:58)

Want to serve a large group of guests at home? Learn important tips about the types, preparation, and safe handling of food for a crowd.

Credits: At Your Service: Food Catering (00:27)

Credits: At Your Service: Food Catering

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At Your Service: Food Catering

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How do you cater for thousands of people at an outdoor event while maintaining high food quality and safety standards? This is the task facing a large Australian catering company as it prepares to feed the masses attending a major sporting event. We learn about the role technology plays during the lead-up to the event, both in the office and in the kitchen. The vital importance of safe food-handling practices is highlighted, and we examine what can happen when standards are allowed to slip. We also see how good design contributes to the safety and efficiency of workers in a busy kitchen. Aside from the central catering case study, this program also takes us to a film set, with a catering team preparing culinary delights inside a modified bus. Caterers working for a large public hospital also demonstrate the technology they rely on to ensure patients' dietary requirements are met. Part of the series Food for Thought. (15 minutes)

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