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Floating Neutrinos (02:51)


In June 1998, four adventurers launch their raft of recycled materials. They plan to sail to Europe and possibly around the world. Poppa Neutrino films the voyage and Betsy Neutrino is the navigator.

Foundation for a Unique Experience (02:07)

Betsy Neutrino recalls living in in an unfinished houseboat in New York; rafting is not an unconventional idea to her. The Neutrinos have enough food on board for 120 days. Experts wonder if Son of Town Hall can survive the North Atlantic.

Building a Unique Sailing Vessel (02:16)

The Neutrinos scour the streets of New York City for material to build their raft. After five years of building and testing, the Neutrinos are ready to leave New York. Experts consider the possible dangers on board the Son of Town Hall.

Trials on the Water (04:13)

The Floating Neutrinos work in shifts; they have a used GPS to guide them. After a week at sea, they are still on the Grand Banks. Roger is a little anxious on the water. The Neutrinos recall his breakdown the first time they tried to sail.

First and Second Atlantic Crossing (01:56)

After forty days at sea, the Coast Guard tows the Son of Town Hall into Newfoundland. Now, 10 months later, the Floating Neutrinos set sail again. Less than 100 miles off the coast, the transmission malfunctions.

Surviving the Storm (02:16)

A storm hits the Son of Town Hall. The Floating Neutrinos work through the night and by morning, the storm has passed. After two weeks, they sail past the Grand Banks.

Slow Progress (02:52)

After three weeks on the water, the long days at sea are beginning to wear on the crew. The Neutrinos struggle with their emotions. After seven weeks at sea, everyone is near their breaking point and supplies are low.

A Bright Spot (01:30)

A ship appears on the horizon and drops a barrel of food into the water for the Neutrinos. They have sushi with three sauces for dinner.

Neutrinos Reach Ireland (02:18)

After 57 days at sea, a plane flies over the Son of Town Hall. The Irish Navy comes out to meet the crew and brings them fresh supplies. After 60 days at sea, the raft reaches Castletownbere, Ireland. The crew receives a warm welcome.

To France and Onward (02:11)

Strict quarantine regulations will not allow the dogs off of the raft and the Neutrinos move on. They reach France two weeks later and journey down the French waterways. The Neutrinos prepare to sail the Mediterranean.

Credits: Fantastic Voyage (01:06)

Credits: Fantastic Voyage

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"You can find anything on the streets of New York" claims 65-year-old jazzman Poppa Neutrino. His whimsical vessel, Son of Town Hall, is proof. After building the impressive 55-foot boat from scrap metal, wood, and other odd materials salvaged from the Big Apple's streets, Neutrino and his remarkable crew of three humans and three dogs battled 25-foot swells, intimidating icebergs, treacherous storms, food shortages, and nervous breakdowns to sail across the North Atlantic. Join Poppa and the Floating Neutrinos on their remarkable journey from the eclectic junkyards of New York to the breathtaking coast of Ireland—and beyond, for a journey you won’t forget. A National Geographic Production. (27 minutes)

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