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Introduction to Mind Managing Methods (01:54)


In the last 50 years research in psychology and neurology has made discoveries that are being used to influence people and their decisions on all types of things. What makes us so suggest-able and what can we do to guard against it?

Attention (06:26)

Things people perceive but are not aware of pertain to the subconscious mind. Inattentional blindness and the ability to hallucinate are demonstrated and explained. Most people have attention and awareness deficits. Learn about the McGurk effect and how left and right hemispheres of the brain affect perception.

The Human Biocomputer (07:38)

It is not possible to measure the processing power of a human brain. Most mental processing occurs outside of conscious awareness. Conspicuity, capacity, expectation are defined in relation to the study of the mind. Gestalt psychology is explained.

Advertising (06:02)

In the 1920s Edward Bernays came to America and changed advertising forever using psychological theories of his Uncle Freud. Advertising found ways to create an emotional response. Subliminal messages, sex, and neuromarketing are covered.

Ambiguity (10:13)

A UK murder case in the 1950s turned on the phrase "let him have it Chris." Ambiguity is one of the linguistic tools used for the transmission of hypnotic suggestion. Systems of suggestive persuasion make an abundant use of ambiguities.

Politics (10:23)

Political speaking invokes emotional states while avoiding clear information. Universal quantifiers, unspecified verbs, phonological ambiguities, mind reading, embedded commands, conversational postulates, and presuppositions are discussed.

Summary: Mind Your Mind (02:57)

Humans are susceptible to mind manipulation if they remain ignorant of what is going on. Voters and consumers have the power to recognize the games being played by politicians and advertisers.

Credit: Mind Your Mind (01:14)

Credit: Mind Your Mind

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Are we really in control of our own thoughts? In this documentary, filmmaker Jason Brett Serle travels from the mall to the mountains to expose just how powerful the subliminal messages of advertising, politicians, and mass media really are. Arguing that “we don’t perceive what’s there—we change what we perceive, and we perceive what’s not there,” Serle simplifies complex neurological theories with the help of his young son, then explains how neurolinguistic programming can help provide psychological independence. Contains mature themes and explicit imagery. (47 minutes)

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