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Personal Presentation (00:59)


Appropriate appearance as well as behavior are appropriate reception skills.

Display Personal Name (00:46)

It is a professional courtesy for receptions to display their names for clients.

Clean and Organized Workplace (01:16)

A clean and orderly reception area creates a positive impression of a company or business. Breaches of confidentiality occur when receptionists carelessly leave sensitive materials in view of other clients.

Professional Greeting (03:31)

A professional greeting is one with Immediate eye contact, a smile, and a personal greeting . Verbal and non-verbal behavior affects a client's perception of a business. Politeness and good manners are essential receptionist behaviors.

Acknowledge Multiple Visitors (00:55)

Small gestures of acknowledgement of each person can be enough to make a person feel welcome in a busy office with a multi-tasking receptionist.

Respect Everyone (01:34)

Professional receptionist behavior relies on giving respect to every individual no matter the rank or title.

Good Communicator (01:07)

Professional receptionists speak clearly and warmly. They make appropriate small talk relative to parking or comfort, to name a few.

Willingness to Help & Managing the Waiting Period (01:55)

Professional receptionist behavior demonstrates an authentic commitment to help visitors. Receptionists are responsible for managing wait times for visitors such as providing a variety of magazines or offering water.

Avoid Certain Behaviors (00:49)

Receptionists must not make personal phone calls or continue them when a visitor is waiting. Never complain about the company or staff you work for. Do not show indifference to the people waiting to be served.

Credits: 10 Essential Reception Skills (00:19)

Credits: 10 Essential Reception Skills

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Every day visitors make judgments about your organization by the quality of the reception they receive. This program teaches you the ten essential skills every receptionist needs to deliver a winning welcome. Topics covered include personal presentation, displaying your name, cleaning and organizing work space, professional greeting, acknowledging multiple visitors, respecting everybody, being a good communicator, establishing a willingness to help, managing a wait period, and avoiding pet hates. Viewable/printable educational materials are available online. (14 minutes)

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