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Case Management: Collaboration (04:25)


Case managers properly manage a client's needs. They efficiently use support services and resources.

Benefits of a Client-Centered Approach (03:30)

A client-centered approach empowers clients. Case managers do not provide direct care. They help tailor, monitor, evaluate, and review specific care services for each client.

Case Management: Clients and Criteria (02:22)

There are criteria that typically apply to those who are case managed. Examples are given of criteria and of different types of clients.

Principles of Best Practice (03:51)

Specific principles underlie case management best practices. Principles center on ethics and professionalism, to name a few. Case management is client-centered. Case managers might also ensure that client rights are upheld.

Credits: Case Management in Health Care (00:47)

Credits: Case Management in Health Care

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Case Management in Health Care

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Case management is becoming a prominent and successful tool of modern health care. Putting the client firmly at the center of a collaborative process, it can be mediated by doctors, social workers, nurses, and a range of vocationally qualified staff. This program investigates case management in detail, making the point that its benefits and best practices can help bring about optimal outcomes in highly complex environments. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. (15 minutes)

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