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What Are Control Systems? (03:23)


We are introduced to different kinds of control systems, including the eyes and the brain. Every application of a control system stems from a single question: How can we do things better than before?

Computer-Based Systems (05:07)

A computer is any programmable machine that performs high-speed processing of numbers, text, graphics, and sound. All computers contain a CPU. All control systems have sensors, processors/controllers, and actuators.

Sub-Systems: Open or Closed Loop Systems (03:24)

Each sub-system has to be either an open or closed loop system. Viewers learn the difference between the two types through real-life examples.

Block Diagrams (02:23)

Block diagrams are graphic representations of the interconnections of the sub-systems. Viewers see examples of block diagrams and learn about how they are used.

Application of Computer-Based Systems (03:42)

Computer-based systems have applications in medicine, education, manufacturing, and more. We learn about servo-robots, non-servo point-to-point robots, and servo-continuous robots.

Credits: Control Systems in Design and Technology (00:42)

Credits: Control Systems in Design and Technology

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Control Systems in Design and Technology

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As technology becomes progressively more complex and an intrinsic part of modern work and life, we are increasingly reliant on computer-controlled technology to extend human capabilities. This program introduces computer-controlled systems, block diagrams, open and closed loop systems, microprocessors, and sensors and actuators. In addition, the video examines EFTPOS machines, robots, manufacturing and product control, and multimedia entertainment, educational, and medical applications. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. (19 minutes)

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