Segments in this Video

The Poppy Grand Opening (01:27)


In this introductory segment, we see the doors to the Poppy open for the first time, as visitors are shown around Copenhagen's first narcotics dispensary.

The Process (02:22)

30-year addict Winnie tours the dispensary--for her, this is a miracle. Addicts admitted to the program will come twice a day to inject heroin, but they must first undergo a two-week methadone regimen as staff gather information on other drugs needed and assess patients' reliability. (Graphic sexual reference)

Hannah Admitted to Heroin Treatment (00:59)

Hannah learns that she has successfully completed her initial treatment phase (methadone). Staff determine the dose of heroin she will receive and explain the procedure to her.

Injecting Heroin (01:43)

30-year addict Winnie has graduated from the methadone stabilization period. She selects a needle and injects the heroin. We watch her physical response to the drug.

Heroin Dosing (02:19)

The clinic environment is friendly. Users have a say in dosage and communicate with doctors regularly. We learn that Hannah has been buying drugs on the street. Her doctor agrees to raise her dose.

Methadone Evening Dose (01:08)

Users are sent home with Methadone instead of heroin for their evening dose. Max wants to get off methadone and increase his heroin dose--like others, he suffers side effects. He is waiting for an apartment.

Working at a Danish Narcotics Dispensary (01:31)

We see nurses prepare the heroin for dispensing. One nurse talks about what it is like to do this job.

Narcotics Dispensary Atmosphere (03:39)

We see dispensary staff interacting with heroin addicted patients. One gives an addict a haircut; he tells her his hopes for his new apartment. Another is concerned for the safety of a user whose arm is swollen.

Staff Assist Users with Life Issues (04:56)

Heroin-addicted Hannah has a job interview; another patients receives a court summons. We see staff interact with these users and attempt to assist them.

Holistic Treatment (02:58)

Narcotics Dispensary staff conduct monthly interviews to determine additional social/mental health issues and make sure they addressed. One heroin patient discusses depression and social anxiety.

Patient Safety (03:30)

Narcotics dispensary workers must be vigilant as they can never be sure if a patient has taken other drugs or alcohol. We hear one patient discuss his issues with alcohol and a staff member considers the big picture of treating heroin addiction with heroin.

Small Goals (03:17)

Heroin addict Alex seeks help cleaning his apartment from another patient. A staff member explains why she will not inject the heroin into dispensary patients herself. The boundary is important to her, but she cannot say quite why.

Dispensary Rules (02:18)

Riad has arrived at the clinic drunk. We see staff manage this situation and send him away with methadone and a firm reminder that he cannot present at the clinic under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Taking a Smoke Break (00:47)

Heroin addict Alex and his friend smoke marijuana in his newly cleaned apartment.

Threat of Violence at Narcotics Dispensary (04:36)

Riad once again arrives at the clinic drunk; this time he has hidden a knife outside. Users hand the knife over to staff. We see a meeting between staff and heroin patients discussing the incident.

Not a Zombie Anymore (03:00)

We learn how the clinic creates a sense of stability in the addicts; once they know their dose is secure, they can begin to work on other life issues. Patients cook and share pancakes topped with fresh blackberries one addict picked and brought to share.

Does the Dispensary Help? (01:07)

We hear a discussion among two men of the political view of the project to treat heroin addicts by providing heroin in a clean safe environment. They state that the project has helped some users stop.

Set Back for User Max (01:26)

Heroin addict Max, who has been doing well, learns his move-in date is once again postponed, leaving him in the homeless shelter. Max responds to the news.

Goal to Quit Using (01:27)

Robert wants to reduce his dose as part of his goal to quit using. He has started seeing a therapist. We hear his conversation with dispensary staff.

Ashamed to Need Someone to Care (02:02)

Heroin addict Max is running late; he nearly misses his dose. Robert, who seeks to quit, elaborates on the emotional issues with which he struggles.

Being Proud of Being a Person (01:54)

Alex celebrates his 39th birthday with fellow addicts at the clinic. He discusses the changes he hopes to make in his life.

IKEA Dreams (00:52)

Heroin addict Max describes the furniture he wants to buy for his new apartment with narcotics dispensary staff.

Graduating from the Heroin Prescription Program (02:43)

The narcotics dispensary's very first patient arrives for her last dose. She is going into rehab. She and the staff discuss her progression to this day. All wish her well. We see another patient request to lower his dose with a goal of getting clean.

Max's Apartment (04:01)

After another delay, addict Max moves into his new apartment. Max brings only a set of curtains--the only thing he inherited from his father. In this segment, we see the emotional investment staff have in patients.

Epilogue: Denmarks First Narcotics Dispensary (01:31)

With 5 heroin centers serving 100 users in Denmark, the program is making a difference in the lives of heroin addicts, including a reduction in prostitution and crime. We see short follow up with some of the users.

Credits: Anyone for Coffee and Heroin? Inside a Danish Narcotics Dispensary (00:25)

Credits: Anyone for Coffee and Heroin? Inside a Danish Narcotics Dispensary

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It’s early in the morning, but already several patients have gathered outside a small Copenhagen clinic. They’re waiting anxiously for the doors to open so a nurse can dispense their heroin. Yes, they’re addicts, many of them scarred and embittered by life on the street—but they now have a legal alternative to buying drugs from criminals. This film looks at life inside the Poppy, as the clinic is known. It illustrates both the impact of Denmark’s recently crafted policy aimed at reducing drug crime and prostitution, as well as what it means in human terms to confront addiction free from physical danger, moral judgment, and legal consequences. According to the Poppy’s staff and patients, the new policy is working. But will long-term results vindicate the theories behind the laws? Contains profanity and mature subject matter, including scenes of drug use. (Portions with English subtitles, 58 minutes)

Length: 59 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-62290-834-9

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