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First Movement of Beethoven’s 5th (09:04)


Conductor George Marriner Maull and the Discovery Orchestra perform the symphony’s first movement before a live audience.

Audience Participation (07:56)

Conductor George Marriner Maull addresses the audience and asks them to participate in the recognition of key elements of the first movement.

Listening vs. Hearing Music (02:33)

After a brief musical performance, conductor George Marriner Maull expands on the importance of not only listening to, but also hearing a piece of music.

First Movement of Beethoven’s Fifth (01:49)

Conductor George Marriner Maull and the Discovery Orchestra play the first movement again for audience recognition of the first theme, transition, second theme, and closing section.

Sequence in Beethoven's Fifth (04:06)

The audience uses program notes to follow Maull's descriptions such as strong unisons, close imitations leads to three chords, and more.

Silence and Chords (01:24)

5. Transition ends with 2 chords. Conductor Maull asks for audience identification of silence between chords.

Development of Theme (06:47)

Maull discusses the musical and historical importance of the sonata form. He asks for audience participation in identifying the A-B-A form that provides unity to the sonata allegro form. The audience hears a strange twist in the 1st theme that announces the development.

Development: Questions and Answers (04:20)

The Discovery Orchestra performs a part of the exposition in which the music "asks" questions. They are answered in syncopation, which creates tension. The audience is asked to identify the recapitulation.

Recapitulation (04:52)

Conductor Maull presents the 1st theme as it is introduced by two strong unisons. The orchestra plays the 1st theme as played again in the recapitulation. Maull discusses the role of instruments in the introduction and recapitulation.

Codas (02:36)

Conductor Maull prepares the audience to hear a sequence of dissonances in Beethoven's coda in the first movement. The orchestra plays it slowly at first and then more rapidly.

Beethoven's 5th Symphony: First Movement (07:39)

George Marriner Maull and the Discovery Orchestra perform the first movement of Beethoven's 5th Symphony.

Credits and Acknowledgements: Discover Beethoven’s 5th: An Interactive Music Experience (01:51)

Credits and Acknowledgements: Discover Beethoven’s 5th: An Interactive Music Experience

Variation and Form: Second Movement (10:36)

Conductor George Marriner Maull introduces the concepts of variation and form relative to the second movement of Beethoven's 5th. The Discovery Orchestra performs the second movement without interruption.

Beethoven's 5th: Third and Fourth Movements (18:25)

In the third movement of Beethoven's 5th, the composer "teases" listeners with humor. The fourth movement follows the third without a pause. The Discovery Orchestra performs the third and fourth movements.

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When it comes to the music of Beethoven or any great composer, being able to notice subtle passages and lovingly rendered details greatly enhances our listening enjoyment. You might say that the more we perceive…the more we receive! In this Emmy-nominated and Telly Award-winning educational program, audiences have a chance to discover why Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 remains one of the most cherished works of music more than 200 years after its premiere performance. Host and conductor George Marriner Maull and the Discovery Orchestra “unpack” the symphony’s first movement before a live audience—and for the video viewer as well! Following the exploration of the first movement, the orchestra performs the rest of the symphony, preceded by short, enlightening introductions from Maestro Maull before movements two and three. There’s no better tool with which to visually follow and stay enraptured with Beethoven’s masterpiece! Viewable/printable listening and study guides are available online. (84 minutes)

Length: 85 minutes

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