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Death Rituals and Paper (03:36)


In China, the living assure the well-being of the dead by sending replicas offering to the underworld for departed family members. In Hong Kong, Pinchi and Chung Kin craft stylish and traditional replicas to send to the departed.

Eco-Coffins (01:52)

Meet Sophie Dansie and Nick Brealy of Cambridge England and learn how they came to sell environmentally friendly coffins. Funeral director Michael Burnell explains how the honeycomb design makes for a sturdy product that avoids the chemicals (formaldehyde) used in traditional wood coffins.

Paper Offerings for Everyone (02:10)

Pinchi forms paper offerings into 3-D forms for mourners to burn. Learn how this young designer developed a specialty niche for the young and upscale, making mp3 players, cameras and bags; celebrities and ordinary citizens alike want to send their loved ones well-equipped into the next life.

Changing the UK Funeral Industry (01:39)

Learn how Sophie Dansie and her husband, a marketing professional, changed perceptions about funerals. Her lively designs are designed to celebrate life and respect for the planet.

Shopping Paradise for the Dead (01:52)

Watch Pinchi as he assembles a paper handbag--a popular item for women. He seeks inspiration in the environs of daily life.

Inspired by the Living and the Dying (02:57)

Poppies on Sky is a popular design for the eco coffin; Sophie Dansie talks about her inspiration and how families can create a custom experience for mourning their loved ones. One delivery man wanted to be buried in a "parcel."

Changing Face of Funeral Industry (01:09)

Sophie Dansie and her partner discuss changing trends in funerals. Funeral director Michael Burnell adds perspective.

Paper Coffin Manufacturing Process (01:02)

See an abbreviated version of the manufacture of a paper coffin.

Companionship in the Afterlife (04:05)

Paper-bamboo effigies take on various roles and persona; learn why the nurse is a popular choice and watch as Chung Kin assembles this paper offering. See Chinese mourners burn effigies. Watch Chung Kin load finished paper offerings and learn why this out of the way work space is just right for his business.

Making a Name for Eco Coffin (01:44)

Sophie Dansie explains how she collaborated with a photographer whose seascapes she admires. Sophie and Nick Brealey proudly note that an Eco Coffin will soon have a prominent role in the Hollywood movie "Powder Blue."

Credits: Underworld of Paper: All Things Paper (00:35)

Credits: Underworld of Paper: All Things Paper

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This program sees paper taking the form of environmentally friendly paper coffins and exquisite paper offerings for the dead according to the Chinese tradition. The Underworld of Paper explores how these intriguing paper offerings, paper servants, and paper luxury handbags from Hong Kong make shopping for the dead a brand-new experience—while away in England, amazing paper coffins from Eco Coffin are leading the way for environmentally friendly burials. Made from recycled cardboard, these paper coffins with customizable size and design are growing in popularity. From life to afterlife, our paper maestros have it all covered. Part of the series All Things Paper. (23 minutes)

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