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Paper Art: Disposable and Durable (02:43)


This segment introduces us to paper artists, Keisuke Saka, Brian Chan and Paul Chan, who bring artistry and engineering together to form paper automata, life-like insects and scaled-down origami structures.

Paper Automata (01:34)

Visit Japan's Keisuke Saka who specializes in paper automata (mechanical toys), which have been around since the 19th Century.

Folding Nature (01:25)

Mechanical engineer Brian Chan makes paper insects that can be mistaken for the real thing. Brian shows us his Goliath beetle, the color variations of which come from folding. He is active in MIT's origami club, which teaches origami theory to children.

Commercial Paper Artist (01:10)

VIsit full-time paper artist Paul Chan's workshop outside Hong Kong. He explains why paper is his medium of choice--the ability to make revisions and its accessibility. Here we see examples of models commissioned by an advertising agency.

Paper Engineer's Workshop (02:12)

Tokyo's Keisuke Saka enjoys digital and hand-drawn paper designs, but says something is missing from fully digital designs. He assembles his models by hand.

Constructing Paper Automata (02:23)

Learn the story of Keisuke Saka's "Maternal Dilemma" and watch him assemble paper automata that makes a fish flop on a cutting board--complete with knife--entitled "The Last Resistance."

Paper Models: Exquisite Craftsmanship (02:14)

Paul Chan describes his first contact with paper art; he now makes three dimensional models and props. Today he is working on a paper model of a swimmer preparing to dive from a platform.

Commercialism and Artistic Integrity (01:20)

See how Paul Chan's intricate creations achieve curved surfaces. The paper model of a swimmer is wearing a tight fitting cap; he shows the viewer his technique. Paul finds inspiration in nearby shops that sell products from a variety of materials.

Unique Take on Origami (04:20)

Boston's Brian Chan says the paper's texture and color help tell him, "What it wants to become." Chan demonstrates folding a grasshopper and walks us through his design process.

Staying Inspired (02:12)

The paper artists featured in this program talk about the importance of continuing to find inspiration and offer final thoughts on paper art.

Credits: Toying with Paper: All Things Paper (00:23)

Credits: Toying with Paper: All Things Paper

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Toying with Paper: All Things Paper

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This program sees one of Japan’s best paper engineers, Keisuke Saka, at work. Specializing in paper automata, Keisuke’s works are darkly humorous and endless fun to construct. Meanwhile, Brian Chan in Boston takes origami to a whole new level of complexity, while Paul Chan fashions paper props from his workshop in Hong Kong. Although their creations are made entirely of paper, they are no more disposable nor less durable than any other work of art. And the fact that Keisuke Saka, Brian Chan, and Paul Chan are adults doesn’t stop them from toying with paper. Part of the series All Things Paper. (23 minutes)

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