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Latest Trend: Paper Cuttings (01:03)


Cut outs are back! Artist Kako Ueda started cutting paper with no education or experience. She, Peter Callesen and Takaaki Kihara are a new breed of imaginative artists.

Paper Creations with a Story (00:41)

Denmark's Peter Callesen describes his creative evolution and progress.

Origins of Paper Cuttings (01:57)

Travel to Niigata Japan where Kako Ueda, and Takaaki Kihara discuss technique and the sensibility that informs their pieces. Takaaki is a structural engineer who was first intrigued by a book called "Origami Architecture."

Romantic and Melancholic Style (02:13)

Peter Callesen talks about the intricacy and symbolism of his paper cutouts, some of which appear to be trying to "escape" their drawing." Seemingly simple, a closer look reveals the painstaking detail in Callesen's work.

Contemporary Style (02:17)

Kako Ueda fuses intriguing themes with nature. Ueda shows us a piece called "Thinking of Death." A human skull is alive with imagery, as Ueda explains. Gallery owner George Adams discusses her work, which is ever-evolving.

George Adams Gallery (01:13)

Kako Ueda shows us around the Chelsea gallery that shows her work--we see "Tree of Life." Ueda talks about the power of scale in her paper cut outs.

Origamic Architecture (01:07)

Takaaki Kihara uses just one sheet of paper to create buildings/structures, examples of which are shown here. His influences are contemporary; beautiful shapes inspire his work.

Supportive Creative Environments (03:26)

Denmark's Peter Callesen works among other artists in a government sponsored building. He talks about his creative process and the inspiration he gets from the works of Hans Christian Andersen. Takaaki Kihara shows a paper cutout that is a replica of Japan's tallest structure. Peter Callesen discusses his work in progress, "Nature's Maze."

Dreams and Nightmares (03:02)

Kako Ueda attended high school in the U.S. but returned to Japan for a time before completing graduate school in N.Y. We learn the significance of the butterfly in her work and how it links her to her culture.

Kihara's Favorites (02:10)

Takaaki Kihara discusses the process of making a paper cut out of the Sydney Opera House. Artist Yuki Kihara shares her favorite Kihara piece: "Stardust."

Food for the Soul (02:20)

Callesen speaks at an interactive children's exhibition, Sky and Heaven. Children get a peek at "Hell" when they look through holes in a sculpted hillside. Hear closing comments from the artists featured in this film: Peter Callesen, Kako Ueda, and Takaaki Kihara.

Credits: Paper Imagination: All Things Paper (00:21)

Credits: Paper Imagination: All Things Paper

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The latest trend that’s creating an unexpected storm in art circles is paper cuttings! This program discovers why paper cuttings are back and how they have undergone a surprising transformation. Get acquainted with world-famous artists Peter Callesen, Kako Ueda, and Takaaki Kihara—who form the new breed of imaginative paper cutters, creating remarkable works of art. Romantic stories, personal reflections, and aspirations form the backdrop to their works. Journey with us through the imaginary landscapes these artists have created from paper. Part of the series All Things Paper. (23 minutes)

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