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The Future of Gastronomy (04:01)


Chef Homaro Cantu describes some of the edible creations served in his Chicago restaurant Moto. A world away, in Taipei Taiwan, Yumei creates inedible replicas of traditional wedding pastries, and Jia Jun creates non-perishable paper replicas of various foods.

Moto (01:39)

Chef Homaro's edible paper dishes include a paper menu; watch how this is made.

Papersky, Taipei Taiwan (01:31)

Visit Yumei's shop and learn about the variety of traditional pastries she recreates in paper.

Taiwain - Center of Pop Culture (01:15)

Visit paper artist Jia Jun in his work space at the Su Ho Memorial Paper Museum, in Tai Pei. Here, he explores and develops his pastry replicating skills.

Paper Cotton Candy (01:54)

Chefs Homaro and Ben Roche explain the process for making this nostalgia-evoking treat.

Rooted in Tradition (03:10)

As Western pastries usurp traditional pastries, Yumei explains that her paper replicas can help preserve cultural knowledge for future generations. Jia Jun's paper Ang Ku Kueh (pastries) double as post cards and are popular with locals and tourists. He recounts how he got started making paper replicas.

Dinner Time at Moto Restaurant (02:03)

Chef Homaro tells how he first got the idea for creating edible paper food. Hear how his team at Moto works together to advance creativity and also to fight world hunger.

Process: Paper Pastry Replicas (02:08)

Yumei offers a brief look at her process. She first recycles food waste in the form of wild rice shoots, boiling them into pulp; she dyes the pulp and fills wooden molds; last, she removes the pastry from the molds for a final baking/drying.

Paper Food Arts - Here to Stay (03:07)

Learn about one outrageous menu item designed to look like "roadkill" at Chicago's Moto restaurant. Hear parting thoughts from Homaro, Jia Jun, and Yumei, the paper artists featured in this program.

Credits: Paper Medium Rare: All Things Paper (00:25)

Credits: Paper Medium Rare: All Things Paper

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There is nothing we wouldn’t put in our mouths in our quest for the perfect meal. But paper? This program visits chefs Homaro, Jia Jun, and Yumei at the helm of their respective kitchens—where telling the difference between food and paper may not be so easy. No longer do we have to salivate over a delicious-looking picture—now, thanks to Homaro, we can literally have our picture and eat it too. Imagine eating the menu after placing your dinner order and munching on a photo taken while you are at Homaro’s famed restaurant in Chicago. Nothing is too crazy for Homaro, not even paper Campbell soups! Catch these amazing culinary delights on Paper Medium Rare. Part of the series All Things Paper. (23 minutes)

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