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Paper Maestros (03:33)


Brooklyn's Matt Gagnon creates a paper table influenced by land formations. In Taiwan, Chiu Chi Shen created an accordion chair that can seat 16. Shizuoka Japan's Kouichi discusses creates honeycomb lamps with denguri paper.

Utilitarian Furniture Design (04:10)

Matt Gagnon discusses exploring paper as a design material. Chiu Chi Shen and Vito Lin discuss the challenges of funding FlexibleLove and the chair's criticism. Kouichi discusses his participation in Design Boom.

Matt Gagnon's Paper Furniture (03:33)

Gagnon's paper side table is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper board. He discusses the cuts and slots in the table. Gagnon discusses the components of his work and prototyping desigsn.

Functional Art Pieces (03:37)

Kouichi uses denguri paper from the Shikoku region. He discusses public reaction to his Honeycomb Lamp. Vito Lin and Chiu Chi Shen discuss naming the FlexibleLove chair. Kouichi discuss becoming a furniture designer.

Going Beyond Convention (03:31)

Kouichi explains that his first idea came from a pop-out book. We see several initial designs and Kouichi's first prototype for the Honeycomb Lamp. Vito Lin discusses public response to their paper creation.

Contemporary Designs (03:11)

Chiu Chi Shen, Matt Gagnon, and Kouichi discuss how they come up with their designs and stay in touch with the market.

Credits: Furnished with Paper: All Things Paper (00:23)

Credits: Furnished with Paper: All Things Paper

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Furnished with Paper: All Things Paper

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Across continents, paper is coming into a league of its own. This program focuses on furniture and home furnishings designed and constructed from paper. In Japan, we meet Kouichi who fashions honeycomb lamps out of paper. Originally a music producer, Kouichi had his first contact with product design in Holland. In America, we meet designer Matt Gagnon. Organic and contemporary, Gagnon’s paper table is the result of countless experimentation. Then, in Taiwan, Chi Shen is making the world sit up with his accordion-like chair which can seat only one or up to 16 people. Part of the series All Things Paper. (24 minutes)

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