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Introduction: Moyers & Company: Donald Trump's Callous Capitalism (00:35)


Clips of discussions of voter ID laws and Donald Trump preview the program.

Sponsors: Moyers & Company: Donald Trump's Callous Capitalism (01:01)

Sponsors: Moyers & Company: Donald Trump's Callous Capitalism

Trump's Scottish Golf Course (03:09)

Independent filmmaker Anthony Baxter exposed Donald Trump's bullying efforts to create a golf course on beautiful sand dunes in Scotland.

Trump's Abuses in Scotland (01:33)

Baxter found that newspapers were promoting Trump's Scottish golf course. Baxter worried about eminent domain abuse and environmental damage.

Michael Forbes (01:47)

Trump wanted the property of fisherman-farmer Michael Forbes, who would not sell; he smeared Forbes in response.

Trump Bullies Homeowners (02:29)

Trump speaks contemptuously of homeowners whose houses he plans to tear down to build a golf course in Scotland. Trump piles sand so golfers don't see homes.

Trump on Wind Farms (03:25)

Trump opposes a wind farm near his golf course. He testifies before Parliament, where he exchanges barbs with filmmaker Anthony Baxter.

Filmmaker Arrested (03:51)

Baxter discovered that Trump had cut off water to residents he wanted out of the way of his golf course. Baxter was arrested after trying to conduct interviews.

Trump's Honorary Degree (02:06)

Ordinary people in Scotland have stood against Donald Trump, but elites support him. He receives an honorary doctorate at Aberdeen University.

Trump Dismisses Baxter (01:47)

At a press conference, Trump dismisses documentary film maker Anthony Baxter as not a real journalist.

Trump's Victory (01:35)

Trump pushed through his Scottish golf course. Baxter nevertheless hopes the battle will inspire change.

Appeal of Baxter's Film (02:37)

Anthony Baxter talks about the sadness of his film, which covers the loss of precious Scottish dunes to Trump's golf course. He has screened his film throughout the world.

Financing of Anti-Trump Film (00:56)

Baxter remortgaged his house to make "Trumped;" others were reluctant to fund it for fear of lawsuit by Trump.

Johnson and Medicare (05:10)

The Raging Grannies protest proposed Medicare cuts. Moyers worked for Johnson as to get Medicare through Congress. We hear Reagan's message against the idea, and Johnson's phone calls to staff demanding results.

Medicare's Legacy (02:36)

Johnson signed Medicare at Truman's home town, with Truman at his side. Moyers acknowledges flaws in the program, but it has been a success and should be a model for single-payer.

Additional Resources, Sponsors & Credits: Moyers & Company: Donald Trump's Callous Capitalism (02:10)

Additional Resources, Sponsors & Credits: Moyers & Company: Donald Trump's Callous Capitalism

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In this edition of Moyers & Company, Bill Moyers talks with independent filmmaker Anthony Baxter, director of You’ve Been Trumped, a documentary about the perils of rampant capitalism and gluttonous conspicuous consumption, epitomized by Donald Trump’s aggressive efforts to build “the greatest golf course in the world” across ancient sand dunes in Scotland. A veteran journalist, Baxter says what Trump and the Scottish government are hailing as an economic boon is actually a disaster to the environment and a callous disruption of people’s lives by a ruthless one-percenter run amok. To end the broadcast, Moyers shares his thoughts on the 47th anniversary of Medicare—the apex of Lyndon Johnson’s ambitious vision for America. Moyers was a key Johnson aide as Medicare was developed, and he pressed Congress to pass it. How to save Medicare today? The answer, says Moyers, is obvious: make it available to every American. Broadcast date: August 3, 2012. (34 minutes)

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