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Hybrid Powertrains (00:40)


Hybrid gas-electric vehicles are now produced and sold by all major auto manufacturers. It is very important to understand how various hybrid designs differ in their construction and operation.

Hybrid Basics (06:11)

For years the abbreviation HV has meant high voltage to electricians working on high voltage transformers and power transmission lines. The letters HV can now also mean hybrid vehicle. Learn the basics of modern hybrid engines.

HV Batteries (01:49)

HV batteries consist of a large number of voltaic cells and battery packs wired in series to produce a high voltage, high power storage stack of batteries. Learn how high voltage DC is sent to the HV power controller and turned into AC current.

HV Dynamotor (01:50)

An HV dynamotor, or HV generator/motor, uses a brushless armature and multi-coil stator assembly to function as both a high voltage electric traction motor and as a high energy 3-phase AC generator. Learn more about the functions of the dynamotor.

HV Power Control Module (02:48)

The HV-PCM is a high voltage circuit that controls current flow to the HV battery and dynamotor. It contains high-power transistors, huge diodes, large relays, and industrial contactors. Learn how this converts DC to AC or AC to DC.

HV Power Cables (00:59)

HV power cables are large insulated conductors that electrically connect the battery stack, HV power control module, and dynamotor. Learn how they transfer high voltage and current levels to the components of the electric drive system.

Hybrid Drive Modes (04:42)

A conventional fuel tank, fuel lines, and electronic fuel injection system feed gasoline to an internal combustion engine. Learn how this propels the vehicle and provides energy to spin the HV dynamotors and recharge the battery stack.

Hybrid Configurations (01:50)

Hybrids are often classified by the configuration of their drive train. A series hybrid has a separate generator and traction motor. It does not use an HV dynamotor or a motor/generator combination. Learn about parallel, series-parallel, and split hybrids.

Full Electric Vehicles (00:44)

An FEV only has an electric propulsion system and no method of recharging the HV battery when driving. These vehicles are only practical for city driving. Learn about flywheel generator hybrids and ultra-capacitor hybrids,.

Credits: Hybrid Powertrain Technology (00:25)

Credits: Hybrid Powertrain Technology

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Hybrid Powertrain Technology

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With all major car manufacturers now producing hybrid gas-electric vehicles, it is critically important that automotive students understand the design and function of hybrid technology and the differences between various hybrid systems. This video helps develop that understanding through the use of dynamic 3-D animation and detailed live-action visuals. A helpful summary opens the program, explaining the basics of hybrid vehicle technology and its dual use of piston engine and electric traction motor. In-depth topics include the battery stack and its contents of high-efficiency lithium-ion modules; the dynamotor with its brushless armature and multi-coil stator assembly; the PCM, or power control module, which regulates current flow to the battery and dynamotor; and the cable system which connects those components. Additional video sections focus on all-electric drive mode, regenerative braking, and other unique aspects of HV operation, as well as the various configurations of hybrid drive trains. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Shopware Production. A part of the series Powertrain Technology and Service. (22 minutes)

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