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Apps Platforms (01:56)


On the Internet, a "walled garden" is an environment that controls the user's access to Web content and services. Product development experts educate viewers on Apple's user-friendly, high tech support.

UI: User Interface (03:50)

User interface refers to the way in which users gain access to content. Viewers learn the necessity of testing apps. Apps that include links to social networks get more exposure. Learn about the app's navigation tree.

Content Production (03:27)

Content driven apps may require art work music, voiceover, and scripted drama. Viewers learn about cataloguing and retrieval of content. All images must be sourced to avoid copyright infringement.

Coding (04:11)

The complicated coding "on the back side" of apps is described and illustrated. App designers learn about server-side technology, testing algorithm design, load testing, and beta testing.

Deployment (04:22)

An app designer explains the process of deployment, including app support and app license agreement. Each app must have a digital certificate. Learn about app maintenance, updating, mainstreaming, fixing problems, and more.

Getting Your App Noticed (04:10)

Once the app is released, promotion and marketing are the primary focus. Learn the ins and outs of marketing and search engine optimization, strategic product name, and the value of social networking and traditional media.

Credits: Mobile App Development and Deployment (00:46)

Credits: Mobile App Development and Deployment

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Mobile App Development and Deployment

Part of the Series : Creating Mobile Apps
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Once the purpose, basic architecture, and potential consumer base of a mobile app have been established, it’s time to get busy building it. But app development is typically a complex undertaking and subject to a wide range of variables. This program helps viewers sift through the process of successful app construction with the aid of expert interviews and eye-catching video and graphics. Topics include choosing a platform (mainly Apple vs. Android); designing the user interface with an eye toward simplicity and functionality; using wireframes to “storyboard” the app’s navigation tree; balancing a tab bar approach with screen size concerns; integrating social media; developing visual, audio, and narrative content; designing data structures; using server-side technology; testing algorithm design; load testing and beta testing; conforming the app to platform specifications; promoting it through search engine optimization, social media, and viral marketing; and maintaining the app with ongoing product analysis. A Films for the Humanities & Sciences Production. (22 minutes)

Length: 23 minutes

Item#: BVL47490

ISBN: 978-1-62290-244-6

Copyright date: ©2012

Closed Captioned

Reviews & Awards

“Well thought out technical surveys that assist viewers in creating, deploying, and marketing their own mobile application ideas. Recommended.” —Science Books & Films

“Covers all of the crucial project steps in a logical fashion, combining graphics and interviews with app developers (including some from small companies) who demystify the process for novices and reinforce the best practices for those already in the game....Given the rapid rate of change in technology, some of the images here are already dated, but the underlying concepts remain valid. Recommended.” —Video Librarian

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