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App Market (01:10)


Apple opened its App store in 2008. The mobile revolution attracted creative people to technology, making it cool. The app market created opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Getting Ideas for Apps (02:20)

App creators talk about where they get their ideas. Research existing apps and app review websites to learn what succeeds and what the market needs. Conduct user surveys of existing apps.

Uses for Apps (01:28)

Uses of apps include personal assistance, entertainment, status checking, activity recordings and virtual instruments. Some apps answer questions, help users organize, or authenticate ID.

Market Research (02:13)

Use market research to understand your target audience and what apps are already available. Design apps so that users can test them before purchase and share easily. Branding is discussed.

Digital Distribution Platforms (01:49)

Determine the most suitable digital distribution platform for your app. App creators explain the benefits of different platforms.

Monetization (01:28)

Choosing your monetization system is crucial. Traditional retail models may not work; free trials are a good idea. Ways to encourage impulse buying are discussed.

Content Research (03:10)

Some apps have no content; others are loaded with content, requiring extensive research and, sometimes, frequent updating. Excessive file size can be a problem.

Content Management Systems (02:18)

Content management systems can be an economical way to keep the app updated. Check ownership of others' content to avoid copyright infringement.

Project Plan and Cost Estimates (01:53)

Once research is complete, establish a project plan. Project management tools help. When seeking funding and loans, consider detail in projections.

Software Development and Quality Assurance (02:20)

Determine which software development model suits your project. Testing and quality assurance measures are discussed.

Credits: Mobile App Research and Planning (00:48)

Credits: Mobile App Research and Planning

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Mobile App Research and Planning

Part of the Series : Creating Mobile Apps
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The process of bringing a successful app to market begins long before the actual software is developed. As with any endeavor that fuses commerce and creativity, the app usually starts with a spark of inspiration and gets fleshed out through market research and intensive planning. This program takes viewers through those initial phases with hip, high-energy visuals and commentary from experts who create apps for a living. Topics include identifying the target audience or consumer base; studying apps aimed at a similar market; creating a project plan; designing with a focus on ease of use and the customer’s ability to share with other users; strategizing to compete against more corporate, big-budget apps; considering various development tools to utilize; thinking ahead regarding platform options; looking at monetization models; distinguishing between apps that deliver a lot of content and those that use little or none; using content management systems; and projecting costs and profitability. A Films for the Humanities & Sciences Production. (22 minutes)

Length: 22 minutes

Item#: BVL47489

ISBN: 978-1-62290-243-9

Copyright date: ©2012

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Reviews & Awards

“Well thought out technical surveys that assist viewers in creating, deploying, and marketing their own mobile application ideas. Recommended.” —Science Books & Films

“Covers all of the crucial project steps in a logical fashion, combining graphics and interviews with app developers (including some from small companies) who demystify the process for novices and reinforce the best practices for those already in the game....Given the rapid rate of change in technology, some of the images here are already dated, but the underlying concepts remain valid. Recommended.” —Video Librarian

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