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The Virus That Shook the World: Introduction (03:05)


World citizens describe celebrating the New Year prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. They prepare to share their stories about the first year of the health crisis.

January 2020: Wuhan, China (08:20)

A couple, married on January 19th, describe the abruptness of the city’s lockdown on January 23rd. They videoed their experiences searching for open markets and other resources. They explain how citizen cooperation mitigated the spread of the coronavirus.

Covid Fear and Denial (08:10)

A British doctor describes disassociation and denial when first hearing about Covid. She discusses seeing her first patient, and not knowing enough about the virus to properly treat it; she recalls her first patient to die.

March 2020: New York City (05:14)

By mid-March, Europe becomes the pandemic’s epicenter; England and France ask citizens to stay home, and Spain declares a state of emergency. A New York hot dog vendor describes economic problems resulting from lockdowns.

Covid Lockdowns: Bogota, Columbia (08:00)

A man working for the mayor’s office credits his city with declaring an early lockdown and saving lives. He describes disparities in healthcare and other resources for the poor. While assisting the needy, he witnessed solidarity and potential for positive change.

Downplaying Covid: Minsk, Belarus, and New York (06:33)

As infections spike worldwide, Wuhan eases lockdown restrictions. The Wuhan couple criticize other countries for not following their swift quarantining example. A Belarus accordion player describes lack of restrictions while the New York hot dog vendor blames Trump for Covid deaths.

March 26, 2020: Caregivers (05:44)

World citizens united in appreciation of healthcare workers cheer at windows and doors during lockdowns. The British doctor recalls how colleagues coped. The United Kingdom suffered thousands of deaths; she laments how many had to die alone.

Dying from Covid: Bolungarvik, Iceland (09:45)

An Icelandic woman explains how her mother became infected with Covid and died alone in a nursing home. She was not allowed to see her before or after her death, and few were allowed to attend the funeral. Worldwide deaths approach one million.

April 7, 2020: Wuhan Reopened (04:06)

Wuhan reopens after being on lockdown since January 23; everyone goes back to work. Mass transit systems implement barcode systems for scanning citizens; the government tests 10 million citizens in 19 days.

Great Divide on Covid Lockdowns (05:01)

A Columbian man employed by the mayor’s office explains how Covid lockdown restrictions revealed levels of poverty and inequality; he laments disparities. Riots occur around the world during shutdowns.

March 16th, 2020: Great Divide in the Bronx and Paris (11:05)

A Bronx activist explains how she homeschooled her children when the country locked down. New York becomes the most impacted city with the poor suffering superlatively. A French photojournalist describes separation from family and witnessing working classes experiencing disproportionate hardships.

March 31, 2020: Great Divide in Kenya (08:46)

A couple mourns the loss of a child, who was shot by police enforcing lockdown restrictions. A Nairobi woman explains how slums were targeted by law enforcement; they killed citizens to gain compliance.

Great Divide: Fatal vs. Annoyance (10:24)

In Russia, a dancer posts videos of lockdown performances. In Spain, children are banned from leaving the house. A French photojournalist describes staying with her children until called to Brazil for work; she witnesses mass graves, protests and denial.

May 2020: U.S Protests (06:36)

In the United States, many people protest social distancing, masking, and lockdowns. When police kill George Floyd, mass protests erupt. The Bronx activist describes being chased down and pepper sprayed by police.

August 4, 2020: Great Divide in Lebanon (06:16)

A Lebanese filmmaker explains her need to document and discusses the wealth gap in her country that prompts citizen anger toward the elite. On August 4, an ammonium nitrate explosion, resulting from neglect, leaves over 3,000 homeless; conditions are so poor that Covid is an afterthought.

Ending Covid Lockdowns and New Normals (04:39)

A Russian dancer returns to city life, performing while sick; he fears the show will be canceled if he is diagnosed with Covid. A Bronx activist hopes her grandchildren will be better off than she was. A Kenyan community memorializes a child shot by police.

Credits: The Virus that Shook the World: Episode 1 (01:02)

Credits: The Virus that Shook the World: Episode 1

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