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Creatures of the Forest Canopy (03:50)


In the Riau Province of Indonesia, the forest canopy conceals some of the world's rarest creatures, including the endangered Sumatran tiger. A team from the World Wildlife Fund tracks tigers and sets up cameras to film them.

Deforestation: Threat to Tigers (01:48)

Around 60% of Riau's forests have been cleared to make room for vast palm oil and pulp and paper plantations. The future of the 400 remaining Sumatran tigers is threatened. Without jungle protection, the tigers fall into the hands of poachers.

Plantations Replace Rainforest (01:13)

In Riau, the world's largest pulp and paper companies puts pressure on forest creatures. The company is planting acacia trees in prime tiger territory. Environmentalists claim that the green plantations are really biologic deserts.

Ecological Armageddon (02:30)

Forest scientist Bill Laurance is daunted and appalled by the rapid deforestation in Indonesia. He says it is the worst he has seen. The company uses the forest wood for its mill while it waits for the plantations to grow.

Industry vs. the Environment (01:43)

A view from a helicopter shows the enormity of the world's biggest pulp and paper company. The methods of deforestation are not environmentally sustainable. Company executives claim what they are doing is responsible.

Brainwashed Villagers? (00:48)

Riau villagers living near the paper company claim their lives will get better because of the deforestation. They say the company supports sport and education facilities and better roads.

Scandals and Corruption (03:22)

Many other companies found a local governor accepted bribes in order to facilitate the deforestation projects. The governor blatantly engaged in corrupt practices in the face of massive criticism from authorities, environmentalists, and law enforcement.

Changing Landscape (01:20)

A local environmentalist is visibly moved by the forest destruction and changing landscape of the land he loves.

Pending Greenhouse Gas Disaster (02:17)

Lafcadio Cortesi of the Rainforest Action Network explains how great clouds of greenhouse gas are emitted because of irresponsible actions on the part of paper and pulp companies. Indonesia is the third largest greenhouse gas producer.

Company vs. Local Laws (02:30)

The company is spreading its operations out into the Malacca Straits on the island of Pilau Padang. Locals are threatened by the paper company's concession because it trumps local laws that have been in place for generations.

Farmers Protest (02:18)

Because many governors on Pilau Padang have granted the company more than 1/3 of the island, hundreds turn out for a peaceful protest. Farmers are prepared to defend their land to the death.

Tensions Mount (02:11)

Contractors clearing the land for the company are attacked by local villagers who bomb the machines. Reams and reams of wasted copier paper contribute to the deforestation of Indonesia.

Credits: Sumatra: Paper Tiger—A Deforestation Crisis (00:38)

Credits: Sumatra: Paper Tiger—A Deforestation Crisis

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Having witnessed land clearing firsthand in Africa and South America, tropical biologist Bill Laurance thought he had seen everything—the worst that deforestation has to offer. But, as he explains in this eye-opening program, what has been allowed to happen on the Indonesian island of Sumatra amounts to “ecological Armageddon.” In addition to Laurance’s testimonial on the size and scale of forest removal, viewers also learn about aggressive land-acquisition tactics used by palm-oil and paper-producing corporations and the impact on local communities dependent on small-scale agriculture. The fate of endangered species such as the Sumatran tiger is also discussed in the context of extreme, and potentially irreversible, habitat destruction. (Portions with English subtitles, 27 minutes)

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