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Introduction: Food Planning for Special Occasions (01:20)


Food has been and continues to be the centerpiece for all types of celebration. Celebration foods are different for everyone and new dishes are invented every day.

Small, Medium or Large? How to Cater for Any Event (01:57)

Any event involving food requires planning. Chefs explain challenges for large-scale celebrations.

Planning Ahead Reduces Stress (01:46)

Skills and tools that reduce stress: be organized, understand client's needs, and have capable people working for you. Viewers learn the benefits of looking at the location ahead of time.

Planning Pitfalls (02:10)

Some foods that may work for a small group cannot be timed for serving to a large group. Smaller events can be more personalized. Remain flexible and prepare for the unexpected.

Planning and preparing the Menu (04:39)

Menu planning has a number of elements which often begin long before the event itself. We learn the elements of creating a menu. Menus are always planned around the type of event. Every chef tries to deliver food that exceeds expectations

The Final Ingredient: Ensuring a Successful Event (03:33)

Using a checklist will help ensure you have all your components ready. Have a backup plan and adapt when necessary.

Small Events are More Personal (01:23)

Smaller events require the caterer to know more detail about the occasion and to be more interactive with the guests.

Good Enough to Eat (02:46)

Chefs and caterers go through a lot of trial and error to find the perfect way to plate each dish. The use of pre-prepared food make planning for an event easier. We hear qualities that make a good chef.

Credits: Food Planning for Special Occasions (00:49)

Credits: Food Planning for Special Occasions

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Food Planning for Special Occasions

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It’s almost like magic—the way caterers manage to feed dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of attendees at special events. Who prepares the appetizers, meals, and beverages—and for that matter, where? What are the best methods for serving food on time and in a pleasing way? This video addresses those questions as it goes behind the scenes at large-scale catering events. Viewers meet high-profile chefs and organizers who offer advice on menu planning, kitchen workflows, time management, and delivering top-tier service at all times. Combining informative interviews with detailed footage of culinary professionals in action, this is an exciting guide for any up-and-coming organizer—whether the task is a small, intimate dinner or a large corporate gathering. Viewable/printable educational materials are available online. (20 minutes)

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