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Racial Justice (03:01)


As part of a PBS storytelling project, people throughout the country film themselves talking about their fights for racial justice and equality. Many talk about their efforts to create police reform.

Police Brutality in Utah (05:40)

Lex is the founder of Black Lives Matter Utah. The state has the highest rate of deaths in police custody. Lex has a multipronged approach to activism.

"Romeo and Katrina" (03:58)

Christine is a Vietnamese American playwright in New Orleans. She has written a musical about love between Asian and black communities.

School Resources Officers (04:43)

Anisa is an organizer in Minnesota focusing on violence committed by SROs against students. SROs contribute to the learning gap between whites and other students. She started Ignite the Youth to remove SROs from schools.

Uncovering History (02:23)

Activists throughout the U.S. have been working to uncover the history of white supremacist violence and riots. They believe communities need to come to terms with their trauma and history to overcome them and move forward.

Body Cam Footage (01:55)

Lex and Black Lives Matter Utah created murals of victims of police brutality, including Bryan Valencia; the body cam footage was never released. Lex works on a bill to require the release of body cam footage in every officer-involved shooting.

Creating Community (07:01)

Christine wrote her family's refugee story into "Romeo and Katrina." She hopes to build connections, including with her mom, by humanizing different experiences in art. Anisa attends an event to gauge community interest in the effort to ban SROs.

"Causing Trouble" (05:24)

Lex has received numerous death threats and considers going into hiding during the 2020 Presidential Election. Christine tries to understand her mom's aversion to her writing about racism.

Social Justice Teaching (04:50)

Learning about racism and the history of different communities can create change. Anisa leads a training course for student ambassadors to help people understand her concerns about SROs. They share what they learned with the school board.

Importance of Representation (04:27)

Many Americans support the removal of confederate monuments. Many artists paint murals to better reflect diversity. Lex finds learns that the candidates she supported lost.

Changing Opinions (03:58)

Anisa and Ignite the Youth are trying to get local parents to see interactions with SROs from different perspectives. The school board agrees to keep SROs in a 4-3 vote but removes the one in the middle school; Anisa is not satisfied.

Standing Together (06:21)

Christine hopes to get her mom's approval of "Romeo and Katrina." She is glad she managed to show her own experiences and lift up those of other marginalized groups.

Credits: I Rise (00:35)

Credits: I Rise

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Go inside the lives of people working to create an antiracist American future. They film themselves doing the work, confronting the obstacles and achieving the victories that could add up to real change in the movement for racial justice.

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