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What is Depression? (01:48)


The difference between feeling depressed and clinical depression is severity of feelings and length. Depression is a diagnosable illness. A depression sufferer shares his experiences with daily activities.

What is Depression?: Types and Causes (04:19)

An expert explains different types of depression; depression can vary in severity. Genetics, illness, stress, and personality can contribute to depression. Experts consider what occurs in the brain to cause depression and summarize what depression is.

Who is At Risk? (03:51)

More sick days are taken for depression than any other physical or mental disorder. Approximately 1 in 5 young people will experience a form of depression. Depression is caused by social, psychological, biological, and environmental determinants.

Who is At Risk?: A Common Disorder (02:06)

The biggest increase in depression occurs in young people. Everyone experiences depression in the same way; how we cope with the symptoms varies. Men are a higher suicide risk. An expert summarizes who is at risk for depression.

Signs and Symptoms (03:26)

Experts discuss the symptoms of depression. A depression sufferer shares how depression affected his daily life. An expert summarizes the symptoms of depression.

Myths and Treatment (05:05)

Confusion, prejudice, and fear often surround mental illness. Experts discuss the myths around mental illness and possible treatments including medication and therapy. An expert summarizes the myths and treatments of depression.

Credits: Dark Days: Shedding Light on Depression (00:54)

Credits: Dark Days: Shedding Light on Depression

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Even as ignorance about depression leads to social stigmas and alienation, many people with depression do not realize what ails them and therefore do not seek treatment in the first place. This program examines in detail what depression is, its various symptoms, and the options available for coping with or even curing it. Featuring widely respected experts from the leading mental health organization SANE Australia, the video covers clinically recognized types of depression, what demographic groups are most at risk, specific signs and symptoms, and harmful myths that prevent patients from getting real help. A close look at depression in adolescence is also included. Viewable/printable educational materials are available online. (22 minutes)

Length: 22 minutes

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“A valuable resource for a counseling practice, support group, health education class, or library mental health collection. Recommended.”  Educational Media Reviews Online

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