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Introduction: Teens in Trouble (02:38)


Viewers are introduced to four teenagers who have become homeless through no fault of their own. There are 2 million homeless youth in America.

Homeless in Fall City, Oregon (02:54)

Rebecca has been sleeping on other people's couches since her family lost their house and her mom moved in with her boyfriend. Rebecca dropped out of school and is losing hope. A third of teens in the city qualify for homeless status.

Homeless in San Francisco, California (02:58)

George was raised by his aunt who tricked him into getting on a bus that took him hundreds of miles from home. He slept in Golden Gate Park for weeks. His mother made unsubstantiated allegations about his behavior.

Effects of Trauma (01:44)

Nearly 6,000 homeless teens come through San Francisco each year. A social worker explains that teens who are rejected by their families experience emotional distance and anxiety. Seventeen year-old Rebecca stays with men in order to have shelter.

Homeless in Portland, Oregon (02:15)

Thirteen year-old June feels so unsafe at her family home, where 10 people and 17 animals share a grimy 600 square feet, she would rather be on the street. She is most afraid of her brothers who harass the transgendered teen because she was born male.

At-Risk Gay Youth (01:44)

Gay youth, who make up over 20% of homeless kids, have higher numbers of suicides and STDs. Out on the streets 13 year-old June is doing drugs and having unprotected sex with older males. She lacks parental support.

Homeless in Medford, Oregon (02:37)

Sixteen year-old Dakota is an honor student who is currently staying at her friend's parent's house. She describes her childhood as unstable. After her father died she and her mother traveled and stayed in shelters.

Judgment of Emancipation (01:59)

For the first time in 6 months 16 year-old Dakota comes face to face with her mother. She is in court trying to remove herself from her mother's custody. Her best friend's family shows her support, but she fears she is outstaying her welcome.

Homeless and Desperate (04:01)

Rebecca moves in with 59 year-old Roger. She insists the man she once referred to as her 'sugar daddy" has never made inappropriate advances towards her. Job Corps is a federal program for troubled youth that could provide hope for the teen.

Homeless Teens Staying Positive (01:57)

George has moved into a shelter for teens. June is getting ready for her first day of school and her family is trying to be supportive of her living as a girl. The transgendered teen felt unsafe at her last school and is having thoughts about hurting herself.

In Need of Help (03:16)

In Portland 13 year-old June is thinking about hurting herself. Her parents take her to a mental health facility. In Medford 16 year-old Dakota is also in crisis. She becomes overwhelmed after moving into her own apartment and starts failing classes.

Struggling to Move On (02:33)

George is only weeks away from graduating. After six months of trying to contact his mother he finally reaches her. Rebecca leaves for Job Corps and learns her mother and sister are living in the family car.

Moving On (02:29)

Against all odds, George is graduating high school. His friends at the youth shelter fill the void left by his family. The homeless teen reestablished contact with his grandparents.

Future for Homeless Teens (02:06)

Over the past four months June has been bouncing between the emergency room and rehab. A long term program finally agrees to treat her. Dakota is on track to graduate high school. Rebecca was kicked out of Job Corps.

Update on Homeless Teens (02:46)

June is in a rehab center in Portland. Rebecca is still living in Fall City with 59 year-old Roger. Dakota was accepted to college and awarded scholarships. George enrolled in college and still lives at the youth center.

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Deceived by the woman who raised him, 17-year-old George found himself stranded in San Francisco, where for two harrowing weeks he lived in a tree. “I felt safer,” he tells reporter Chris Cuomo, “because on the ground a lot of people could tamper with you.” Dakota’s story has disturbing parallels—she says she was abandoned by her mother in a parking lot at age 16. Featuring additional profiles of teens Rebecca and June, both of whom left home because of trouble with parents and family situations, this ABC News program offers a look inside the crisis of homelessness among America’s young people. Issues related to substance abuse and sexual orientation are examined, as is the impact of teen homelessness on education. Viewer discretion is advised. (38 minutes)

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