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Ethical Textiles: Sustainability and Fair Trade

The Series Includes : The Cost of Cloth: Ethical Textiles | Eco-Design: Ethical Textiles | Environmental Impacts: Ethical Textiles
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What does it mean for developing-world workers when prices for clothing and fabric keep dropping? What happens when Westerners buy more and more, driving up demand? How does ecological impact fit into the equation? Global in scope, this three-part series explores the ethical and environmental fallout of large-scale textile production. It follows the work of manufacturers in the U.K. and Bangladesh as it investigates the consequences of ultra-cheap labor and supply systems. In addition, it examines fair trade initiatives developed in response to industry abuses, inequities, and hazards. A crucial resource for economics, sociology, and environmental studies! 3-part series, 25 minutes each.

Length: 75 minutes

Item#: BVL48262

ISBN: 978-1-62102-670-9

Copyright date: ©2011

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