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Introduction: Kids and Heroin: A Wake-Up Call to Parents (02:02)


This introduction outlines the information that will be covered in this film.

Meet Heroin Addict Ashley (04:24)

21 year-old Ashley lives in a Minneapolis suburb. She demonstrates heroin use and talks about her experiences. Ashley uses $1,000 worth of heroin a week. Most of the money comes from her parents.

Meet Heroin Addict Justin (01:42)

19 year-old Justin lives in Portland, Maine. This once promising young man is a ghost of his former self. He has been to rehab 3 times, paid for by his grandparents. He tries to pinpoint the moment his life changed--from all-star athlete to addict.

Last Ditch Effort to Get Clean (02:02)

Justin makes it only 3 months in a halfway house in Maine. He lives now lives alone in a sparse apartment. He shows his paraphernalia. His parents unwittingly fund his habit, wiring him money weekly. We see Justin seeking out the drug in his daily routine.

Life of a Suburban Junkie (02:39)

Viewers ride along as Ashley goes to get heroin from her dealer in one of the most dangerous sections of the city. The drug is packaged in tiny balloons so dealers can swallow them if caught by the police. We see Ashley high on the drive home after smoking "3 hits" that last only a short while.

What Heroin is Really Like (01:58)

Ashley now uses to avoid the physical pain of withdrawal, while Justin still enjoys the high. We see Ashley retching and ill; she is losing weight.

Can't Go Any Lower (02:13)

Justin and Ashley steal, scam and beg to fund their heroin habit. Another user turned to prostitution to support her habit.

The Drug Journey to Heroin (02:14)

Dylan has been in and out of rehab 5 times. He started selling at a young age as a way to be popular. Ashley and Justin were two of his customers.

Intervention (03:38)

Dylan soon dropped out of high school. His family sent him to rehab over and over. We see them doing an intervention at a treatment center. Ashley's parents discuss the approach they chose to take with her addiction.

Realizing Nothing is Normal (02:04)

Ashley's mother can no longer deny the truth; she questions Ashley about her addiction; Ashley admits she needs professional help. Police make heroin related arrests in rich areas.

A New Era of Heroin (02:10)

Dealers market heroin using different names. Heroin deaths have increased 50% in the last decade. Justin tells a story of a friend almost overdosing on heroin; he expresses remorse for shaming his parents and family.

Getting Sober (03:03)

Justin spends his last two hours of freedom gathering drugs; he says good-bye to his parents and videotapes himself getting high. He checks himself in to jail. Meanwhile, Dylan and Ashley are prepare themselves for treatment.

How to Save a Life (02:34)

Dylan's lack of coping skills are apparent in his sixth stint of treatment. He participates in a mock funeral is shown. His therapist explains how addiction has nothing to do with will power. Dylan's family performs a family exercise.

Healthy (02:16)

Ashley's parents are concerned about their inability to relate to her. On their way to visit her, they acknowledge their enabling behaviors. Ashley says she's ready to live a clean life. Justin describes his feelings while incarcerated.

Different Paths to Recovery (01:53)

Justin is released from jail. He calls his mother, and talks about returning home to Minneapolis.

A Different Person (03:06)

Dylan and Ashley discuss their recovery and Ashley talks about her goal to stay sober. Dylan's successful recovery is detailed.

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“I’m literally rotting… there’s nothing I can think of that’s good in my life,” says Ashley, who smokes as many as 100 hits of heroin a day and is barely out of her teens. For eight months, ABC News producers followed Ashley and two other heroin abusers through the agony of addiction. Dylan, a rehab veteran, has three younger brothers who openly fear for his life. Justin is even more at risk: he struggles alone, thousands of miles away from his family. Meanwhile, with Ashley braving treatment for the first time, her parents must examine their own muddled roles as enablers and protectors. What may surprise some viewers is that these stories take place far from the inner city—they represent suburbia’s children, a demographic falling victim to substance abuse as never before. (40 minutes)

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