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Jeans into a Skirt (03:14)


Find a pair of jeans at a thrift store and wash them. Decide on the skirt length. Cut off both jean legs. Cut inside seam on both legs. Jeans are now opened up and ready to be made into a skirt.

Sewing Leg Portions to Skirt (03:14)

Open both leg portions of the pants. On the skirt part of the jeans, re-sew the Y by folding one side over the other.

How to Sew the Skirt (05:11)

Attach leg bottoms to the skirt portion. Cut away all excess fabric.

Finishing the Skirt (02:16)

Hem the skirt. Measure a 1-inch length around the circumference of the skirt. Fold once and then again. Sew all around the bottom of the skirt. Iron the hem. The skirt is now finished.

Credits: Jeans into a Skirt (00:17)

Credits: Jeans into a Skirt

Freezer Paper Stencils (02:58)

Start with a white sweatshirt. Trace a design on freezer paper and then cut it out.

How to Finish the Sweatshirt (06:57)

Iron the stencil onto the sweatshirt. Add a layer of freezer paper to the underside. Iron the stencil again. Use fabric paint to apply color to the shirt. It is optional to add two layers of paint. Let dry for 24 hours. Iron on both sides.

Credits: Freezer Paper Stencils (00:17)

Credits: Freezer Paper Stencils

Woven Belt (03:20)

Start with a number of pre-washed shirts from a thrift store. Cut backs out. Iron shirt back. Cut 1 1/2-inch strips with a rotary cutter.

How to Make Belt Cord (02:52)

Sew strips into pieces. Three cut strips sewn at a 45-degree angle create one piece. Trim sewn seam to 1/4". Repeat four more times for a total of five pieces. Fold long edges under 1/4" and then fold that piece in half. Stitch the length of the cord.

How to Weave (02:16)

Learn how to weave five cords together as the film host demonstrates.

Finishing Ends of Belt (02:07)

Before attaching the belt buckle, sew across the end to keep woven belt from unraveling. Finish end with a small piece of leather.

Attach the Buckle (02:28)

Attach the buckle and then fold under frayed edges and cover with leather. Sew completely around edges of the leather.

Credits: Woven Belt (00:15)

Credits: Woven Belt

Sweater to Wool Hat (01:57)

Find a 100% wool sweater at the thrift store. Wash the sweater and dryer to shrink. Measure circumference of head and distance from top of head to eye brows. Cut 5 pattern pieces.

Assembling Hat (04:14)

Place pattern pieces on the felted wool and cut out. Pin together wool pieces and sew edges together.

Finishing Details on Hat (02:30)

For finishing raw edges around the lower edge of the hat, add ribbing. Learn how to use the overhand stitch. Embellish hat as desired.

Credits: Sweater to Hat (00:16)

Credits: Sweater to Hat

Thrift Store (03:48)

Seamstress Kimberly Oedekoven shows viewers how to shop for clothing, remnants, and notions appropriate for thrifty sewing projects.

Credits: Thrift Store (00:12)

Credits: Thrift Store

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Create a unique and fashionable look using vintage clothing for your next sewing project! In this program, instructor Kimberly Oedekoven explains how to design a stylish wardrobe using secondhand, thrift shop clothes. After providing practical thrifting tips, Oedekoven goes into the studio to demonstrate some easy-to-make pattern ideas. Projects include sweatshirt stenciling, weaving a belt from a button-down shirt, making a winter hat from a wool sweater, and crafting a skirt from pair of jeans. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. (52 minutes)

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