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Starting a Consulting and Training Company: The StartUp Experience (03:00)


Founder of 2Win!Global, Bob Riefstahl is introduced by interviewer Dr. Tom Duening. Riefstahl saw the need for training in sales and explains how he got started.

Spontaneous Decision (01:43)

Bob Riefstahl kept a good working relationship with the company he left to pursue his new ideas for a business.

Day One Home Office (01:50)

Bob Riefstahl got started right away on a business plan and finished a book called "Demonstrating to Win." It took him about three months to get his first clients.

Works With Invested Partner (01:44)

Bob Riefstahl wasn't expecting to go international or have large clients in the beginning.

Going Global (02:31)

Bob Riefstahl answers questions about maturing and scaling the business.

Complexities of Going Global (01:27)

Bob Riefstahl talks about how to keep the business simple and the challenges of working internationally.

Virtual Success (02:27)

Bob Riefstahl explains how his business is today and how it changed in the face of the down economy. Training and consulting must be adapted with the medium of Internet.

Personality Traits for Success (01:16)

Bob Riefstahl answers Dr. Tom Duening's question about what personality traits would be good for success in this type of business.

Recap (02:52)

Dr. Tom Duening recaps the information given in the previous segment and gives a preview of the upcoming segment.

The Entrepreneur"s Advice (01:58)

Dr. Tom Duening reintroduces Bob Riefstahl, founder and CEO of 2WIN! Global. Riefstahl answers a question on how to get started and his inspiration on writing his book.

Importance of Writing (02:36)

Bob Riefstahl talks about the benefit of writing with regards to credibility. He and his partner collaborated on building a curriculum for adult learners.

Need for Expansion and Appearance (02:42)

Bob Riefstahl discusses expanding the curriculum. He advises making yourself look more professional than you actually might be, in training materials and on your website.

Protecting Intellectual Material (02:50)

Bob Riefstahl talks about what can and cannot be copyrighted. He discusses breaking up your IP in order to protect your material.

Not Becoming Static (01:49)

Bob Riefstahl talks about new ideas for material and keeping it fresh. Customer feedback is used to help improve curriculum.

Customizing for Clients (01:07)

Bob Riefstahl explains that customization for clients is not cost effective when it comes to the written material.

Put it Into Practice (01:37)

Bob Riefstahl offers advice on creating curriculum for adult learners.

Pricing in Line with Value (02:46)

Bob Riefstahl discusses how to determine the value of your service using a return on investment analysis.

Fixed Price Fees (01:29)

Bob Riefstahl advises against getting into bidding wars on your fees.

Price Gouging (01:11)

Dr. Tom Duening asks Bob Riefstahl about fairness in pricing. Bob Riefstahl keeps his fees similar no matter the size of the company.

Demonstrating Effectiveness (03:29)

Bob Riefstahl shares a story about competing for his first big global client, JD Edwards.

Getting Clients (03:11)

Bob Riefstahl answers a question about how to get your foot in the door with clients. Dr. Tom Duening talks about asking for the close.

Holding a Public Workshop (02:42)

Bob Riefstahl answers questions about prospecting to find clients and personalizing your initial contact.

Importance of Follow-Up (02:26)

Bob Riefstahl explains following through with a phone call and using honesty with administrative assistants in order to get your message seen.

Getting to the Decision Makers (01:45)

Bob Riefstahl says, "Its been my experience that regardless of who the company is, talk to the business owners first."

Getting the Bigger Clients (02:19)

Bob Riefstahl talks about the complexity of working with big clients and warns against biting off more than you can chew.

Going for the Close (02:28)

Bob Riefstahl discusses going through layers of scrutiny and the benefit of having a champion in the company that sees the value in hiring you.

International vs Domestic Clients (02:40)

Bob Riefstahl answers a question about the difference between domestic and international clients owned by the same company. Being humble and learning a countries customs is critical.

Creativity in Acquiring Clients (01:50)

Bob Riefstahl addresses giving up clients that cannot afford your services and allowing someone else to do the training for a royalty fee.

Hiring Quality Employees (02:09)

Bob Riefstahl talks about his hiring process and the education regime that follows.

Continuing Education for Trainers (02:22)

Bob Riefstahl and Dr. Tom Duening discuss training in foreign languages and follow up with clients for training feedback.

Finding Trainers (02:39)

Bob Riefstahl answers a question about finding specific types of contractors for training and the importance of networking.

Shipping Training Materials (01:04)

Bob Riefstahl talks about the publishing company that handles getting training materials to the right place on time. He mentions certain countries where shipping is a problem.

Pilot Programs (02:41)

Bob Riefstahl recommends having 6 months cash reserves when starting a new company. Riefstahl answers a question about insuring quality when beginning a new program.

Getting Started Today (02:34)

Bob Riefstahl offers final advise on getting started now and the importance of hiring the right people.

Final Recap (02:44)

Dr. Tom Duening recaps the second segment of his interview with Bob Riefstahl.

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Bob Riefstahl is the founder and managing partner of 2WIN! Global, a business training and consulting firm. In the 12 years since he left a successful career as vice president of sales for a large company to start his own venture, Bob has built his client base to profitability—a list that includes some of the most important software and technology companies in the world, including Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, HP, and IBM. In this program, Bob discusses how getting published adds to your credibility; how to get paid for your value, not simply for your time; how to work with domestic and international clientele; how to identify client needs; how to present to clients and close deals; secrets of perceived value and successful training; how to get contracts with big companies; and more. (78 minutes)

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