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Entrepreneur's Journey: Getting Started (02:40)


Jim Holley has 15 patents and has brought 31 products to market. He discusses his journey from aerospace engineer to inventor.

Entrepreneur's Journey: Great Ideas (02:00)

Inventor Jim Holley speaks about his decision in becoming an inventor.

Entrepreneur's Journey: Getting Ideas (02:53)

Inventor Jim Holley gives examples of situations that inspired him to invent products.

Entrepreneur's Journey: Making a Prototype (03:27)

Inventor Jim Holley discusses the challenges in creating his first product and the difficult process of inventing his product. He explains how to get a prototype of a product.

Entrepreneur's Journey: Generating Interest (03:19)

Inventor Jim Holley speaks of prototypes being proof of the product working, the difficulties getting companies to become interested in his product, and creating a business plan.

Entrepreneur's Journey: One Good Idea (03:05)

Inventor Jim Holley explains the risks he took in order to start his company and the marketing techniques used to show his product. He also discusses how his next ideas were expansions of his first product.

Entrepreneur's Journey: A Travel Theme (02:01)

Inventor Jim Holley says he continuously formed new ideas while staying with the travel theme which was started with his first product. He shows a few of his many inventions.

Entrepreneur's Journey: Summary (03:04)

This segment summarizes what viewers have learned so far from the conversation between inventor Jim Holley and Dr. Tom Duening.

Entrepreneur's Advice: Protecting the Product (03:03)

Inventor Jim Holley discusses importance of understanding the idea and having a problem solving product, improving product, or unique product.

Entrepreneur's Advice: Sensible Investments (01:43)

Inventor Jim Holley advises viewers to look in to the easiest, most cost effective way to create the product and research existing products in order to see what consumers are looking for.

Entrepreneur's Advice: Practical Patents (02:46)

Inventor Jim Holley recommends using creative thinking and the importance of building confidence in your product. He advises viewers to be aware of companies wanting to make a profit whether or not the product is successfully selling.

Entrepreneur's Advice: Getting Feedback (03:27)

Inventor Jim Holley speaks of the importance of getting a witness and documenting dates for when the idea was thought out. He also speaks about the the importance of getting advice from others on the product.

Entrepreneur's Advice: Healthy Business (01:59)

Inventor Jim Holley considers manufacturing costs and retail prices needed to make a profit. The importance of showing a company the benefits of investing in the product is discussed..

Entrepreneur's Advice: Patent Information (04:35)

Inventor Jim Holley says to use smaller patenting companies and explains the patent process.

Entrepreneur's Advice: Making Connections (03:52)

Inventor Jim Holley discusses issues with offering a product for sale prior to applying for a patent and costs to expect when patenting an invention. He also speaks of sale techniques.

Entrepreneur's Advice: Licensing Contracts (04:16)

Inventor Jim Holley describes the benefits of trade shows, the legal process, and things to watch for when negotiating a deal with a manufacturer.

Entrepreneur's Advice: Starting a Company (02:43)

Inventor Jim Holley explains the average time between a license agreement being established and bringing the product to market. He speaks of the risks involved when choosing to build a company around one's products.

Entrepreneur's Advice: Successful Track Record (02:42)

Inventor Jim Holley talks about being an inventor and a businessman and how the licensing contract works.

Entrepreneur's Advice: Minimize Risk (03:06)

Inventor Jim Holley advises viewers what to expect when inventing a product and the different feelings a person will experience while going through this journey. He emphasizes on feedback being key when introducing a product to companies.

Entrepreneur's Advice: Changing Everyday (01:44)

Inventor Jim Holley explains companies used to gather potential sale information on a product prior to presenting it to a manufacturer.

Summary: Inventing and Bringing Products to Market: The StartUp Experience (04:24)

This segment reviews and summarizes key points of Jim Holley's conversation with Dr. Tom Duening on inventing and bringing products to market.

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Jim Holley went from aerospace engineer to inventor. Over the course of 15 years, he created 31 juvenile, sports, and medical products that resulted in 15 patents. His products were distributed through every major retail outlet in the U.S. and in 22 other countries. He even formed a consumer products company that secured $6.5 million of investment capital and negotiated numerous license agreements with large distribution partners. In this program, Jim discusses how to evaluate an invention and determine its potential for commercial success; how to develop and protect your idea; how to keep costs down; the pros and cons of licensing, OEM manufacturing, or bringing the product to market yourself; how to find the right partners and negotiate the best deals; and more. (63 minutes)

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