Segments in this Video

The Entrepreneur's Journey (04:27)


Jesse Schwarz was once a student of Dr. Tom Duening. Schwarz explains how he went from the used car business to Internet marketing. He started several ventures, including a chicken concept, before becoming successful.

Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship (03:22)

Jesse Schwarz explains the closing of his chicken restaurant; it was under-capitalized from the beginning. He also discusses his recovery from the loss of his business with cappuccino machines.

Internet Marketing Start-Up (03:38)

Jesse Schwarz explains how he became involved in Internet marketing. He created a domain name and started advertising with Google. Schwarz started the business with $400 and created a healthy cash flow.

Search Engine Optimization (03:28)

Jesse Schwarz's Internet marketing company went from a pay-per-click model to a natural search. He laid a careful foundation that both Google and the consumer like. He applies lessons he learned from past challenges.

Content Driven Industry (03:14) provides a broad overview on Jesse Schwarz's type of Internet marketing. Schwarz focuses on the telecom sector and grows two sites to over 100,000 visitors a month.

Lessons Learned from the Journey (02:15)

Dr. Tom Duening summarizes Jesse Schwarz's journey to success, from college to unsuccessful business ventures, to Internet marketing.

The Entrepreneur's Advice (03:59)

Jesse Schwarz discusses what to do to get started in the Internet marketing business; he got started with affiliate marketing. Schwarz tested 300 advertisers, developing statistics to find the money generators.

Commission Junction (05:08)

Jesse Schwarz explains what commission junction is, how to use it, and its relationship with a stable platform. A sale resulting from a banner click pays the site host. Schwarz endorses

Diversification on the Internet (02:30)

Jesse Schwarz explains some of the pitfalls he experienced while building his Internet marketing company. Schwarz started using Google AdSense; he also uses non-monetized web pages.

Simplifying Advertising (02:52)

Jesse Schwarz explains how Google AdSense works in Internet marketing; it is a cost-per-click structure. Schwarz reaches the number one spot for a highly competitive key word within one year.

Key Word Concept (02:04)

Jesse Schwarz explains the use of key words and how to differentiate a company by those key words. He suggests searching for word tracker free key word tool.

Creating a Review Website (05:24)

Jesse Schwarz outlines a step-by-step process to get into the Internet marketing business. He discusses the importance of a good domain name, adding value to the web, and how he develops his web sites.

Driving Traffic to a Banner Ad (02:41)

Jesse Schwarz explains that there are two different ways to get traffic to a web site, pay-per-click and article directories.

How Key Words Work (03:05)

Jesse Schwarz explains the relevance of key words to a web site and building credibility. Dr. Tom Duening reiterates control of key words on a web site. Schwarz explains how to optimize key words.

Success on the Internet (03:21)

Jesse Schwarz suggests ways Googling Internet marketing to gain bits of information to put together an create a unique spot. Schwarz discusses the rate of growth of his company and being reactive to business.

Growing a Company (03:40)

Jesse Schwarz discusses the costs of his Internet marketing company, content management, promoting sites, and employee involvement.

Virtual Assistance (02:09)

Jesse Schwarz discusses the challenges of managing his Internet marketing employees. He relies on phone interaction and instant messaging.

Defining Success (04:17)

Jesse Schwarz offers advice for entrepreneurs interesting in getting into the Internet marketing business; set goals and define what one is willing to do. He summarizes his business goals and learning along the way.

Getting Started in Internet Marketing (01:41)

Jesse Schwarz discusses being persistent, absorbing information, and locating a mentor if possible.

Summary of the Entrepreneur's Advice (04:37)

Dr. Tom Duening summarizes Jesse Schwarz's journey to creating a successful Internet marketing company and his advice for entrepreneurs.

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Jesse Schwarz is the CEO of VRE Asset Group. Jesse owns and operates a successful Internet marketing business that he started with less than $1,000 and no previous Internet knowledge. In three years he became one of the leading traffic generators and has an incredible $60,000-per-month passive income! In this program, Jesse discusses how to utilize free tools to build your business; what Elance, Commission Junction, Google AdSense, and Wordtracker can do to enhance your success; how to create your own niche; how to optimize your key words to gain visibility on search engines; and more. (68 minutes)

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