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The Future of Leadership: Meeting of the Minds (02:08)


Maria Bartiromo hosts from West Point. West point Cadets are united by three core values: duty, honor and country. Members of the distinguished panel are introduced

The Character of a Leader - Henry Paulson (01:30)

As the last line of defense, Maria asks Paulson how he pushed through his fear to lead the economy out of crisis. He relied on is faith and did what he needed to. Sully and his crew resisted the natural response of panic to deal with their crisis.

The Character of a Leader - Chesley Sullenberger (01:22)

On January 15, 2009 "Sully" and his crew did three things to enable them to save the passengers of his plane. He and his crew resisted the urge to panic, knew their priorities and chose to do what was most needed.

Recovering from the Wrong Decision (01:25)

Robert Kraft jokes he has never made the wrong decision in front of anyone. His motto is do your job, speak only for yourself and put the team first.

Leaders, Developed or Born? (00:35)

James Owens believes leaders are developed in training through life. He encourages the Cadets to take every opportunity to learn.

Uniting For a Common Cause (01:18)

General Clark says we are looking for overall themes that will tie us together like jobs and security. Put out strategic vision that will come from the people.

Learning from Failure (01:29)

Captain Sullenberger thanks the Cadets for serving. We need to take reasonable manageable risks after doing our homework. When making a mistake, we should make adjustments quickly and learn from them. Never stop learning and growing.

Leading on the Battlefield (03:03)

Alison Levine advises leading based on a situation and not on a particular plan because out in the field there will be elements out of your control. Complacency will lead to extinction. General Petraeus addresses the cadets from Afghanitan.

Values Based Leadership (01:47)

Polled Cadets said the need for leaders with integrity was number one. Lt. Gen. David Huntoon stresses the importance of doing what is right every day.

Leadership Characteristics We Lack (02:42)

Anne Mulcahy says courage is an important leadership aspect and leaders should take the risk to make the right decision. Sully adds that courage is not the absence of fear. Alison Levine adds we haven't been tolerant of failure, as a country.

Learning From Failure (01:08)

Robert Kraft refers to Sully's comment on taking a longer view. He worries there is too much partisanship. We need entrepreneurial risk back in America.

Compromising Personal Integrity (02:14)

General Clark says he has never compromised his integrity in that way. It is complicated. You have to sort your way through values, competence and experience.

Integrity of a Leader (01:54)

When good people go against their better judgement they do bad things. It isn't always going against an order but could be doing what has always been done. Paulson says look at your own compass and don't be afraid to ask.

Handling Failure - Transparency (01:43)

No matter how hard you try, mistakes will be made which makes transparency crucial according to Mulcahy. The lack of acknowledgment of mistakes creates the huge crisis. General Clark adds separate your integrity from ambition. Paulson says don't keep problems to yourself.

Holding Leaders Accountable (02:35)

James Owens says all leaders should teach lessons of value behavior constantly. Violations are reported and investigated. Hear the words of Eisenhower and see vintage footage of West Point.

Learn More From Failure (02:41)

One Cadet says failure causes us to reflect and internalize. Paulson says he doesn't have one great failure he has learned from and he surrounds himself with people who posses skills he does not.

Biggest Failure (02:30)

General Clark says you can never do enough to fully understand others and a constant effort must be made. Anne Mucahy feels her biggest failures are the thing she hasn't done. Paulson feels he can pick good leaders based on two criteria.

Continuous Improvement (02:11)

Owens suggest reflecting on your tasks and set the the bar higher, always seeking to improve. Sully says success breeds complacency and you have to be resilient to bounce back from failure. Know you will achieve your goal.

Final Thoughts from Gen. Clark & Chesley Sullenberger (02:24)

General Clark says leaders must look at a situation and have their own plan. For Sully, throughout life you will have opportunities and each of us must decide if our interaction will be for good, ill or indifference.

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Nothing is more crucial to a nation’s success—as well as its survival—than effective leadership. Broadcast from the United States Military Academy at West Point, this CNBC program assembles some of America’s best experts on the subject. Their task: to examine the qualities needed most in those who will guide our nation and its economy forward. Management visionaries featured in the program include General Wesley Clark, former NATO supreme commander; Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III, former captain, US Airways; Henry “Hank” Paulson, former Treasury secretary and former chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs; Jim Owens, chairman of Caterpillar, Inc.; and Anne M. Mulcahy, former chairman and CEO of Xerox Corporation. A part of the series Meeting of the Minds: America’s Economic Future.

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