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Character Development (03:47)


The main character, or protagonist, must want something. It is his/her desire to achieve that goal that drives the character forward. A character must be believable and sympathetic.

Hook the Reader (02:04)

Great stories draw readers in by focusing on universal themes. Good narratives engage readers on an emotional level. Get straight into the drama. The hook at the beginning should be connected to the ending.

Establishing Tone and Mood (02:08)

The author's attitude is communicated to readers through tone. Tone can be humorous, serious, witty, suspicious, and more. Tone is the narrative voice. Mood is the dominant feeling of the story, particularly at the beginning.

Writing Realistic Dialog (02:34)

Good dialogue moves a story forward. Show the reader who the character is through actions; don't tell them. Develop a good ear. Listen to the ways people talk to each other.

Developing a Good Plot (02:34)

The plot is the central story of the narrative. Conflicts might be external or internal. The protagonist's goal should matter to other characters. Consider what must happen for the protagonist to reach his/her goal.

Building Tension (02:12)

Tension builds in a story when the protagonist encounters obstacles and conflicts that increase the level of difficulty in reaching the goal. Tension comes from external and internal conflict.

The Successful Ending (02:09)

For most writers, knowing the ending of a narrative helps in planning the details of plot, movement, and character development. The ending should relate to the beginning of the story, and it must be believable.

Credits: Writing Narratives (00:21)

Credits: Writing Narratives

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Writing Narratives

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This informative program exposes areas of narrative writing that most frequently pose challenges for beginners, providing tips and techniques for authoring a good read. Viewers learn how to create well-rounded characters, complete with motivations and character flaws; techniques for establishing tone and mood; and how to capture attention starting on page one. The video also covers writing realistic dialogue, developing a good plot line, building tension, and arriving at a successful ending. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. (18 minutes)

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“Guides viewers through the main points of writing good narratives....Presenting a surprisingly thorough overview compressed into a short program, this is highly recommended.”  —Video Librarian

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