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Concepts of Human Development (01:43)


The opportunity to grow into a healthy person is now seen as a fundamental right. Australia’s Nossal Institute for Global Health explains how psychological and social factors impact life expectancy and infant mortality.

Overall Health (01:05)

A measure of a person's overall health considers five areas: physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and mental. Only in the last few decades has the global community begun to address these issues.

Medical Facilities: Accessibility (00:47)

The Republic of Rwanda is still suffering the effects of the genocide that took place in the 1990s. Poverty and infant mortality is high. Medical facilities are mostly inaccessible to women in outlying areas. A massive immunization program was undertaken in Rwanda.

Human Development (01:11)

Human development is the process of increasing choices so that everyone can live a long, healthy life; become educated; access resources; enjoy political, social, and cultural freedoms; and have basic human rights.

Sustainable Health (02:35)

Sustainable health looks towards supporting future generations. Access to clean drinking water and sanitation are fundamental for reducing the spread of infectious diseases. Humanitarian aid strategies now focus on local empowerment.

Measuring Health (01:07)

The United National Human Development Index separates developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries. For the first time, the Index takes into account pre-existing inequalities and recognizes that millions of people are born into harsh circumstances.

Health Determinants and Social Justice (03:56)

Health determinants include where people live, genetics, income and education level, physical environment, relationships with friends and family and access to medical services. Social justice is the marrying of human rights with belonging to a whole society where there is respect for these rights.

WHO and the Millennium Development Goals (03:42)

Governments around the world work closely with the World Health Organization to improve the well being of the world's population. WHO's Millennium Development Goals include eradicating extreme poverty, reducing child mortality, and more.

Environment and Human Health (02:17)

Human interaction with the environment is a major global issue in the 21st century. Dependence on fossil fuels has a direct bearing on global health.

Environmental Realities and Health (01:01)

Environmental conditions that continue to impact communities and whole countries include prolonged drought in Kenya, which has had a devastating effect on people's health. Malnutrition and starvation is rampant among women and children.

Credits: Global Health and Human Development (00:26)

Credits: Global Health and Human Development

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Is good health simply the absence of physical disease, or should emotional well-being also be of concern to global aid organizations? This program profiles the work of Australia’s Nossal Institute for Global Health to explain how psychological and social factors impact life expectancy and infant mortality. The video covers basic health needs, food scarcity, distribution of wealth, the UN’s Human Development Index and its 2015 Millennium Development Goals, and some sustainable practices that have empowered a community in Ghana to maintain its health without relying on foreign aid. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. Portions with English subtitles. (20 minutes)

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“The film would be excellent for introductory discussions of culture, class, and health. Recommended.”  Anthropology Review Database

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