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Eve of Understanding (92:51)


Donna is on a journey toward redemption from her past. From her family's past. She's sent on a road trip from Texas to Arizona to make peace, uncover secrets, and find some understanding in the life she's been dealt.

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Eve of Understanding

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Donna is on a journey toward redemption from her past. From her family's past. She's sent on a road trip from Texas to Arizona to make peace, uncover secrets, and find some understanding in the life she's been dealt.

Length: 93 minutes

Item#: BVL216296

ISBN: 978-1-63722-419-9

Copyright date: ©2006

Closed Captioned

Reviews & Awards

"With "Eve of Understanding," writer/director/producer Alyson Shelton has crafted a film of uncommon wisdom, authentic dialogue, simple humanity and, most importantly, a film that captures eloquently the often delicate balance between humiliation and exhilaration that life's journey often affords us...When our film professors and acting coaches and theatre directors teach our next generation of actors, writers and directors it is films such as "Eve of Understanding" that they should use as shining examples of film-making in its truest and purest form...You can give Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg or Clint Eastwood a budget of $20 million, $30 million, $50 million or more and they will make you a film that will entertain, inspire, educate, enchant and leave you skipping out of the movie theatre happy and satisfied. Give them $20,000? They could do no better job than Alyson Shelton has done in her feature film writing and directing debut..." -Richard Propes, ( "Emotionally engaging..." "Her (writer/director Alyson Shelton) filmmaking provides glimpses of a potentially sensitive observer of human foibles. Above all, she has a strong and intensely shaded perf by Lowman as a solid anchor." - Robert Koehler, Variety "This is one of those independent films where halfway through I start to wonder if Miramax, or Focus, or Fox Searchlight didn't sink millions into it. Writer/Director Alyson Shelton is fantastic. If you don't have a file on her already, start one. If you're in casting and you don't have a file on Rebecca Lowman then you need to be in another business. She has a working actor's résumé a mile long, but this appears to be her first full on lead. She doesn't just carry this film she dances with it. Kudos should go out to all of the departments on this one, too, especially DP Elizabeth Santoro. She's another one to keep an eye on, as her work is invisible – beautiful, but without upstaging the actors or the story. See this movie, not because you're in the business, but because you're a human being and so need and deserve to be exposed to work that is this good. Brava!" - Robert Mellette, Dances With Films "Eve of Understanding is the type of film that gives substance to independent filmmaking. It makes the actor want to work more. The pulse of life is in the hands of the indie filmmaker, this is why I work in them. It gives purpose to my art and therefore purpose to my life." - Nick Nolte Actor "I just got home from an amazing weekend at the Waterfront Film Festival. On Sunday, I had the fortunate experience of seeing the second viewing of the Eve of Understanding, and was inspired and compelled to send you an email. I am a survivor of domestic violence. When I saw the description of your movie I was intrigued, and at the same time hesitant. As a survivor, I am a bit more sensitive and concerned about how the subject matter is handled. I can honestly say that I am glad I chose to view your movie. Eve of Understanding presents an honest and accurate portrayal of the experience of domestic violence, and all the complicated relationships that it impacts. It also provides a sense of hope and healing, despite all the obstacles, and that the cycle of violence can be broken. Thank you for treating this subject matter with a great deal of respect and honest perspective. I have already told some family members about it, and would love for them to be able to experience the movie. I will continue to spread the word ... and eagerly look forward to seeing it again. I wish you all great success!" - A Survivor

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