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Biological Father (04:58)


Cathy Holm struggled to get pregnant and went to fertility specialist, Dr. Quincy Fortier for insemination with her husband's sperm. Her daughter Wendy Babst used an ancestry kit and discovered that Dr. Fortier was her biological father.

Women's Hospital (04:10)

Frank Silver, Harrison Sheld, and Fortier start the medical practice in Las Vegas. Sheld discusses the informality of sperm donation; freezing sperm was not a known practice. Silver confesses to donating in exchange for payment.

Fortier's Family (04:53)

Quincy Fortier Jr. shares memories, including his father's confession of using his own sperm to inseminate patients. Through her research, Babst has found 14 siblings; she continues to investigate. Fortier dies in 2006 at the age of 93.

Two More Fortier Sons (05:53)

Brad Gulko works in human evolutionary genomics and discovered his biological father is Dr. Fortier. In trying to find his heritage, Mike Otis learns that Dr. Fortier is his biological father; he wonders if the doctor's actions were racially motivated. Gulko believes Fortier did not consider his actions a violation of ethical norms.

Fortier's History (02:51)

Babst's record search reveals Dr. Fortier had five children, was divorced, and later adopted two daughters. News articles show Dr. Fortier was still impregnating women into his 70s and never lost his medical license. Babst struggles with her connection to Fortier.

Father and Practitioner (07:09)

Dr. Fortier talks about his childhood. A news clip shows Mary Craddock's lawsuit against Fortier. Nannette Fortier defends her father. Her sister Sonia talks about Fortier being their OB-GYN. The sisters believe he meant no harm in using his own sperm.

Manifestations of Genetics (12:51)

Otis has not told his mother the truth about his biology. Babst retraces Fortier's medical practice to Pioche Hospital. Fortier talks about his early years working in fertility. Brad Gelko expresses a desire to meet his half-siblings.

Fortier's Secrets (08:11)

Otis visits his mother after revealing news about Fortier. Dorothy thought she was being treated for an infection. In a notarized affidavit, Fortier's stepdaughter asserts he molested her. Though not sexually active, Connie Fortier became pregnant and put the child up for adoption; she later allegedly recants.

Fortier's Manipulations (08:23)

Babst visits Johnathan Stensland, Connie's son and the product of incest through insemination. Stensland talks about meeting Dr. Fortier who claimed he accidentally used his own semen on Connie. Stensland reads a letter from Connie.

Resolutions and Unresolved Questions (13:05)

Fortier Jr. admits his father abused him, his siblings, and others. Sonia does not want to know if the allegations are true. Sheld reveals 13 children have been found from his sperm donations. Gulko and Otis meet other siblings. Babst does not know Fortier's motivations.

Credits: Baby God (03:38)

Credits: Baby God

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Baby God presents a haunting probe into the work of infamous Nevada fertility specialist Dr. Quincy Fortier, a man who deceived countless women struggling to conceive by using his own sperm — without their knowledge or consent — to impregnate them. ?Recalling a time before sperm banks, when little was understood about DNA and inherited genetic traits, the film unravels egregious, once undetectable truths about Fortier's medical practice, as well as his alleged sexual abuse of family members. ?Following several of his biological children as they grapple with new information about their origins and their own identities, the film examines the morality of one doctor who used science and status to exploit innumerable women — and further his own genetic legacy — over nearly half a century. Baby God is directed and produced by Hannah Olson, and executive-produced by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady.

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