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Uber Headquarters (02:04)


Uber's reputation has been damaged by a series of scandals. Despite the rideshare app's popularity, it is losing billions of dollars. This episode will examine Uber's ambition to monopolize and monetize transportation.

Monetizing Travel (05:12)

Uber gathers trip data from drivers hired via a smartphone app across 65 countries. Co-founder Travis Kalanick disregards cease and desist notices from taxi interests.

ThreatOps (03:18)

Uber develops a suite of software tools and covert strategies to fight regulators and adversaries; former CIA and FBI employees investigate taxi companies and competitors. "Hell" forces transportation companies out of business by stealing drivers. "Ripley" remotely deletes company data.

Defeating Australian Laws (06:24)

Four million individuals regularly use Uber. The company offers to pay for an employee's criminal record check and a bonus after driving 20 customers. "Greyball" is designed to outwit regulators by providing them a different version of the app.

Defeating GoCatch (03:54)

GoCatch chooses not to launch a ride-sharing app until laws change. Uber develops a program designed to gather data for stealing drivers employed by rival companies. Uber Australia CEO Susan Anderson denies knowledge of the software.

Lawsuits Against Uber (03:44)

Waymo claims that Uber stole trade secrets related to autonomous cars. A victim who was raped by an Uber driver accuses senior executives of illegally obtaining her medical records. After Kalanick is forced to resign, Dara Khosrowshahi vows to change the corporate culture.

Independent Contractors (06:10)

Uber can unilaterally change contracts for drivers. Mark Aliprandi enjoys social interaction, getting paid on time, and being in control. Australian taxi plate owners are preparing a class-action lawsuit against Uber.

UberEats (03:09)

Restaurants pay a portion of the sale to the delivery service; fewer customers come to the establishment. "Dark Kitchens" have no tables, waiters, or in-house food.

Advance Technologies Hub (03:52)

The Jump project rents charged electric share bikes and scooters that are easy to access. Predatory subsidies contribute tens of billions of dollars to Uber's growth, but it is still losing revenue. Brendon Basso describes features on Uber's self-driving car.

Uber Air (05:26)

Uber plans to launch a commercial service with autonomous flying taxis by 2023. Global markets include Japan, France, India, Australia, Brazil, and the United States. Uber needs to raise at least $90 billion to satisfy investors.

Credits: The Uber Story (00:24)

Credits: The Uber Story

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