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Introduction: Tell the World (02:23)


Xinjiang resembles a massive internment camp. The Chinese regime forcibly indoctrinates over 1 million detained Muslims. This video investigates mass incarceration of Muslims in China.

Religious and Political Tension (06:09)

Many asylum seekers in Australia have loved ones incarcerated or trapped in Xinjiang. The Uyghur feel dispossessed after Han Chinese resettlement. Demonstrations lead to the government implementing the "Strike Hard Campaign”; violent retaliation marks all Uyghurs as potential terrorists.

Targeting Uyghurs (06:55)

Sadam Abudusalamu marries in Xinjiang before returning to Australia; his pregnant wife awaits visa approval. The Chinese government begins confiscating passports, restricts travel for Muslim minorities, and detains citizens in camps, including the loved ones of Abudusalamu and Almas Nizamidin.

Re-education and Internment Facilities (03:37)

China initially denies the camps exist, but researchers identify nearly 100. Documents detail government actions against Muslim citizens. Propaganda videos claim Uyghurs are happy with re-education; the government aims to "break the roots of extremism."

Terrorist Classification (07:06)

Hayrullah Mai discusses his detention and release. He cannot return to China for five years and his wife cannot accompany him to Australia. Many Uyghur experience survivor's guilt. Adam Turan discusses his father's detention; he cannot contact his mother.

Government Control (04:35)

Officials test surveillance technology in Xinjiang. Every Uyghur over the age of 12 must submit biometric data. The government uses facial recognition to track Uyghurs and an app to monitor their purchases, travel routines, and phone data.

Erasing Uyghur Culture (05:50)

The Chinese government demolishes mosques and traditional areas of housing. People express concern for the children of detained Uyghurs. Increasing evidence suggests forced labor inside the camps.

Plea for Help (02:49)

Authorities force Gulnur Idreis' sister Dilnur to work in a Xinjiang factory; Dilnur's husband is missing. A video shows Dilnur's handwritten message; she wants to end her life.

Systemic Assimilation (05:43)

Two brands sold in Australia are investigating business relationships in Xinjiang. Abudusalamu finally obtains a passport for his son. Chinese Ambassador Cheng Jingye defends government treatment of the Uyghurs. Uyghur community members reflect on the situation.

Credits: Tell the World (00:23)

Credits: Tell the World

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This program investigates how China is creating the world's largest prison.

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