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Introduction: Saving the Amazon (02:07)


The Amazon rainforest is home to the world's largest biodiversity and has a significant role in regulating global climate. Environmental crimes and deforestation are decimating the forest. Sophie McNeill investigates what can be done to stop its destruction.

Maranhao State (04:36)

McNeill and her team enter Arariboia territory. Indigenous tribes are trying to save what is left of the Amazon rainforest. The Forest Guardians patrol the reserve and protect the Awa people from contact with loggers.

Amazon Destruction (04:57)

In August 2019, over 30,000 fires burn across the Brazilian rainforest, most intentionally lit. Under President Jair Bolsonaro's administration, deforestation soars to 85%. Experts discuss Bolsonaro's approach to scientific data and environmental protection.

Logging in Guajajara Territory (03:49)

An illegal timber mill continues operations despite reports to police. Amazon destruction is big business and conservationists face danger. Jose Guajajara discusses the murder of his son. Gunmen ambush a convoy of indigenous leaders.

Para State (04:07)

The state has the highest rate of illegal land clearing. Francisca Silva de Quadros discusses the murder of her sister after she reported illegal logging. Experts reflect on the murder of activists and the power of criminal networks.

Illegal Timber Networks (03:10)

McNeill travels along the Trans Amazonian highway to learn more about how the networks operate. Some loggers have government permits for specific trees. Experts reflect on the viability of a clean timber supply chain.

BR-163 (05:11)

Roads are the primary driver of deforestation. The local elite involved in illegal business controls Novo Progresso. Mayor Gelson Dill claims everyone is harmonious and supports Bolsonaro; previous governments unfairly punished cattle farmers. China is a large buyer of Brazilian beef.

Jamanxim National Park (05:35)

Farmers illegally operate on embargoed land inside the conservation area. Meat supplier JBS drives rainforest destruction. Experts discuss a recent illegal clearing; the Brazilian IBAMA has not intervened. Novo Progresso residents are responsible for hundreds of fires.

Government Collusion (03:12)

Novo Progresso Police Chief Conrado Wolfring feels powerless; criminal logging networks collude with local politicians and bribe police officers. Alenquer is murdered a year after reporting illegal land grabbing; Maria Marcia de Melo believes she is next.

Mato Grosso State (07:12)

Soy farms replace most of the rainforest in the area. Brazil exports 80% of soybeans to China for animal feed. The Kayapo tribe worries about losing land and the effects of deforestation. Experts discuss climate change, the tipping point, and activism.

Credits: Saving the Amazon (00:25)

Credits: Saving the Amazon

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