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Music Festival Season (05:51)


Teenagers often feel invincible. Organizers perform drug testing to prevent deaths. The audience members arrive at the Boomtown Fair and erect tents; Rose hides MDMA, ketamine, and marijuana internally.

Drug-Related Deaths (02:57)

Wendy Teasdill returns every year to commemorate her daughter's death. Paul Bunt will overhaul the policing effort. If drugs can get into a prison, they will get into a musical festival.

Harm Reduction Strategy (04:12)

Security, medical, crime, and drug experts discuss collaboration over the next five days. Workers erect a staffed field hospital. Tic Tac staff members test samples to learn what drugs are circulating at Boomtown Fair.

"Front-of House" Drug Testing (06:02)

The Loop typically runs the drug testing site where police agree not to arrest festival-goers; critics worry it endorses drug use. The non-profit organization will not test this year, but will offer counseling.

Zurich Street Parade (03:58)

Christian Kobel runs a drug testing site funded by the local government. People approach the tent with their drugs and police agree not to arrest them. A third of the samples reveal very high strength MDMA.

Fair Conclusion (06:16)

Participants enjoy the Boomtown Fair while "back of house" drug testing finds dangerous substances. PMMA is considerably more toxic than MDMA. Chill Welfare looks for symptoms in patients.

Credits: Testing Times (00:21)

Credits: Testing Times

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Testing Times

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As Australia grapples with a spate of deaths at music festivals, Triple J presenter Tom Tilley heads to Europe to see drug testing in action. But is it the only way to keep people safe?

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