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War in Vietnam (06:06)


Ron Osgood ascends Hill 861 near Khe Sanh with other veterans. He also talks about learning of the death of a neighborhood friend and why he decided to produce this documentary.

Aerial Bombings and Art (06:16)

Veterans and civilians recall B-52 bombings in Vietnam. Music and art have significant connections to the war. Artists share their stories and talk about the Ho Chi Minh trail.

Parrot's Beak Incursion, Troop Entertainment (07:31)

South Vietnamese and American troops attack the Communist headquarters in Cambodia. Music cheers North Vietnamese troops during war. Osgood visits a Vietnamese composer and singer; American veterans Kimo Williams and Rick Holen recall performing though Army Special Services.

Combat Art, Capture of Enemy Combatant (04:24)

Journalist Xuan Phuong recalls working with artist Pham Thanh Tam. Tam reflects on military entertainment. American Army sketchbook artist Richard Nickolson discusses documenting military and civilian life. Phil Zook describes an ambush near Cambodia that resulted in the capture of an enemy combatant.

F-4 Crash Site (03:07)

Osgood and National Liberation Front veteran Nguyen Duc Toan visit the location where Toan captured U.S. Navy pilot Philip Kientzler. Toan recalls the event.

Charlie Company Reunion, First Air Cav Reflection (05:56)

Veterans Phil Zook, Roger Galloway, and Marion Siara talk about their experiences during the Cambodia incursion.

Effects of War (03:41)

Army veteran Tim O'Brien tells the story of an ambush that resulted in the death of a young Viet Cong. Toan tries to locate Kientzler and makes contact with Kientzler’s wife. After Kientzler dies, the families hold a memorial for him in Vietnam. Toan visits the U.S. in 2011.

Reunification Day (08:31)

Vietnam celebrates April 30 as Liberation Day, while South Vietnamese veterans and refugees observe Black Friday. Haley Nguyen shares her story. Kimo Williams reflects on creating "Symphony for the Sons of Nam". Museum curator Renee Klish locates Nickolson's Vietnam sketchbooks.

Fall of South Vietnam (03:36)

Tam observes and documents the overthrow of the South Vietnamese government in Saigon. South Vietnamese veteran Hung Xuan Nguyen and refugee Binh Pho recall the event.

After the Vietnam War (03:59)

Refugee Haley Nguyen describes her first few years in the U.S. Veterans from all sides reflect on their mindset and loss. USMC veteran Suel Jones discusses the PTSD he struggled with after his discharge.

Killed in Action (04:25)

An article in the "Herald Times" newspaper results in Zook connecting with the family of one of his men, Nick Thoele, who was killed in Vietnam. Zook looks through a box of items Nick’s family kept all these years. Osgood reflects on producing the documentary.

Credits: Just Like Me: The Vietnam War/The American War (00:36)

Credits: Just Like Me: The Vietnam War/The American War

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The Vietnam War/The American War is a journey from present to past and back again that follows Vietnam veteran Ron Osgood in his quest to recover fragmented and buried stories from all sides of the Vietnam War/American War, revealing multiple perspectives that are thematically interconnected. The stories from veterans and non-combatants look at the ways in which war becomes inscribed into the life histories of ordinary individuals and the attempt to humanize our former enemies. By interweaving American and Vietnamese perspectives, the program promotes cross-cultural connection, empathy, and compassion. Selected for Video Librarian's top documentaries list for 2022; winner of the Indiana VA Creative Arts Competition in the multimedia category.

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