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Transgender (01:28)


Virginia Prince, founder of the Society for Second Self, is the first to introduce the term transgender. Gender variant people express gender in various ways; the transgender umbrella is wide and varied.

Self-Expression (05:04)

An outward expression of one's inner sense of self is a strong human desire; gender expression can take many forms. Experts discuss cross-dressing, gender transitioning, and misconceptions.

Gender Awareness (03:28)

Many transgender people feel a sense of disconnect at an early age. Transgender children generally struggle with expressing internal feelings.

Self-Acceptance (05:33)

Many transgender people feel shame and resist their feelings. Individuals often experience pressure to conform to societal norms. Puberty can be a challenging time for transgender youth

Coming Out (03:24)

Many transgender individuals experience intense anxiety; coming out can cause problems within a family. Bullying and abuse are realities for many and suicidal thoughts are frequent.

A Changing World (03:22)

The internet provides opportunities to find support. Today, it is easier for transgender communities to come together. Parents reflect on supporting their children.

Credits: Just Gender (00:06)

Credits: Just Gender

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This film challenges us to question our notions of what it means to be male or female. By taking us on a journey through eyes that see the world differently, this documentary explores the diversity within the transgender community, as well as the depth of transgender experience in day-to-day living. This program has been edited to highlight the educational elements most relevant to high school students and lay audiences, and is accompanied by a discussion guide and instructor's manual to facilitate classroom engagement.

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