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Violent Crime (04:33)


In 2017, Kansas City, MO becomes the fifth most violent city in the U.S. On July 28, 2016, three murders occur within a 16 hour period. An unknown assailant murders Rosilyn Temple's son; she becomes a community activist.

Community Activist (05:24)

Kansas City Mothers in Charge demonstrates to stop the violence. Temple attends homicide scenes, supporting victim family members and bridging the gap between the community and police department,

Temple's Personality (05:26)

Temple discusses her history of addiction and changing her life. Her past and sense of humor helps her connect with people. Officers discuss working with Temple.

The New Normal (04:22)

Police and Temple respond to the shooting of a three-year-old child. Community members gather in remembrance of murder victims. Moments before the memorial, a homicide occurs; Temple arrives on scene after the memorial.

Families of Homicide Victims (05:46)

A shelter remains pink until police solve the homicide of a child and mother. Denim White, the boy who lost his sister and mother, arrives at the shelter. Mothers discuss the murders of their sons and Temple's support.

Social Issues (07:40)

Chief Darryl Forte does not understand the lack of media coverage and protests for 80 black victims of homicide. Temple cites the need for community accountability. Experts reflect on violence becoming normal, societal breakdown, and the media.

Mental Health (03:48)

Temple recalls feeling bi-polar and using drugs. Dr. Susan Wilson discusses African American psychology related to trauma. Experts reflect on social issues in Kansas City, Mo.

Police Relations (07:00)

Communication is vital for a strong community/police relationship. Capt. Tim Hernandez talks with youth and rides a slide. Children express their desire to become officers. Kansas City police dance in the street.

Police Athletic League Community Event (05:28)

Officers mentor children through sports. Antoney Perez and Temple discuss parental involvement, adult supervision, and making children a priority. Two high speed chases occur after the community event; the local media rarely reports these incidents.

Role of Officers (04:14)

A suspect determines an officer's course of action. The police academy teaches de-escalation techniques. Police officers reflect on what they do and public perception.

Community Trust (06:25)

In July 2017, a police officer shoots a man during a standoff. A man questions the presence of cameras, officers, and Temple on a sidewalk; trust is fragile. Officers reflect on their job.

Need for Community Change (05:11)

Temple visits the apartment where her son was killed; his murder remains unsolved. Violence and criminal activities are learned behaviors. Experts discuss community involvement.

Kansas City Update (01:57)

In 2018, police record 135 homicides; 2019 is on course to be the worst year on record. Learn about current activities of Temple, Chief Darryl Forte, Chief Joseph McHale, and Stacey Cameron.

Credits: Uncommon Allies (00:42)

Credits: Uncommon Allies

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In 2011, Rosilyn Temple’s son was murdered in his own apartment. He was 26 years old. To this day, his homicide remains unsolved. Uncommon Allies shows how Rosilyn, in the wake and devastation of her son’s murder, turned a personal search for justice into a life changing community call to action. At a time when widespread distrust of law enforcement is at a heightened level, Uncommon Allies explores Rosilyn’s role in effectively bridging the gap between grieving communities and the police department at every homicide scene in the Kansas City, MO area. Rosilyn’s passion, leadership, and dedication are helping to improve police-community relations, and she has become a local hero and beacon of strength for her community.

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