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Government Shut Down (03:59)


The people elect members of the House of Representatives every two years. Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, lives in his office and puts on makeup for his daily press conference. Donald Trump can bring change to the government. (Credits)

Opening of the 116th Congress (03:03)

Democrats hold the seat majority in the House of Representatives; Kevin McCarthy and Nancy Pelosi give speeches. A member of Congress cannot ask another member for money unless they are on the floor. Gaetz discusses his background and why he supports President Trump.

Michael Cohen Testifies (02:29)

Gaetz posts a tweet about Cohen's extra-marital affairs and later deletes it. Democrats want to impeach President Trump. Thomas Massie offers to yield his time questioning Cohen to Gaetz.

Kentucky Representative (02:53)

Massie discusses how he segued from engineering in the virtual reality industry to the House of Representatives. He defines himself as a Constitutional Conservative and compares the Capitol to the Death Star.

Ken Buck (02:17)

Every year, Congress fails to pass the budget on time. The Freedom Caucus' role is to be the conscience of the Republican Party. Members of Congress are more worried about getting re-elected than fixing the nation's problems.

Corruption in Government (05:42)

Lawrence Lessig discusses his background and Newt Gingrich destroying Congress. Congress members must pay their party for their committee assignments. The Speaker of the House and the Minority Leader are expected to raise $50-80 million dollars each election cycle and control distribution funds.

Special Interests (01:54)

The greatest political struggle is between reformers and those who want to maintain the status quo. Ro Khanna and Gaetz would vote for term limits, non-partisan redistricting committees, and ban lobbyists from giving money to members of Congress.

Spring 2019 (04:35)

Massie advocates repealing the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force. Americans want an end to the war in Yemen. Gaetz represents a district with a high percentage of active-duty military personnel.

Seaside, Florida (05:42)

Gaetz visits his hometown, tours the Truman House, and conducts town hall meetings where his constituents can speak about issues. Congressmen have an obligation to appear before citizens who disagree with them. Cameras capture an activist throwing a drink on Gaetz.

Partisan Television (02:48)

Congress operates within a media environment that profits from the politics of hate. House members elevate their profile by driving conflict. People engage in social media more when the discussion is polarizing.

Party Compromise (03:24)

The number of bills passed in a cross-partisan way has diminished. Lessig discusses Gingrich's understanding that triggering the opposition's hate raises money. Gaetz meets with Massie about fundraising.

Political Power (06:01)

Massie calls his congressional pin "precious." Iranians shoot down an American drone. Gaetz and Khanna collaborate on an amendment rescinding the Authorization to Use Military Force in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.

Mueller Report (07:07)

Approximately 60% of the country does not want to impeach Trump. Robert Mueller testifies before the Judiciary Committee; Buck refuses to attend any practice sessions with fellow Republicans. Gaetz calls the president.

Fundraising (03:30)

The Mueller Report is a "weapon of mass distraction." Gaetz owes over $124,000 in dues to the Republican Party and brainstorms how to make money without attending events with lobbyists. Congressmen cold call individuals who previously donated at the National Republican Congressional Committee building.

Kentucky Farm (04:06)

Massie's home runs on solar power and is off the grid. People forget that carbon dioxide is plant food. Democrats could not create reforms in climate change policy; the coal industry would block any initiatives.

2nd Amendment Rights (03:50)

Buck has never received more than 2% of his total contributions from the NRA. Candidates and elected officials react to narratives created by special interest groups and lose revenue if they do not conform. Anti-immigrant hatred leads to a shooting in Walmart.

H.R. 1—For the People Act (04:47)

John Sarbanes introduces legislation in the House of Representatives to reform gerrymandering, dark money, voting rights, and public financing for political campaigns. Gaetz, Massie, and Buck discuss why they voted against the resolution. Lessig describes how Pelosi forced Democrat support.

Trump and Political Action Committees (05:05)

Over 300 lobbyists work in Trump's administration. The Gaetz/Khanna Amendment passes in the House of Representatives. The bill does not reach the 60 vote threshold in the Senate.

Formal Inquiry (05:49)

Pelosi announces an investigation into the impeachment of Trump. Gaetz decries secret meetings and leaks that propel a special interest narrative in the media. Trump thanks Gaetz for his assistance and defends his actions.

Closed Meeting (05:11)

Congressional Republicans enter the SCIF to disrupt the testimony of the deputy defense secretary. Khanna decries the actions and discusses James Madison's beliefs on the separation of powers.

Impeachment Inquiry (04:17)

The hearings are moved to the Intelligence Committee instead of the Judiciary Committee. Massie refuses to fundraise until the hearings are over. Buck takes calls from his constituents who discuss issues.

Budgets (02:48)

The Freedom Caucus cannot criticize Trump's budgets because too much of its base would disagree. The impeachment hearings result in donations coming in; 60 congressional members are Corporate PAC free.

Katie Hill Controversy (04:24)

Gaetz discusses why he supported Hill after revenge porn caused her to resign from Congress. The political participants discuss fundraising, H.R. 1, and Trump.

Articles of Impeachment (04:08)

Activists protest the impeachment process and Trump's actions. The Judiciary Committee meets to debate the articles. Rudolf Giuliani's friends are charged with campaign finance violations.

Fixing Congress (04:34)

Winning elections in a broken system does not give one the capacity to govern. Massie discusses how the National Defense Authorization Act for 2020 has changed since the original proposal; the bipartisan amendment against AUMF is removed.

"Drain the Swamp" (03:18)

America has achieved extraordinary goals. There are hard problems in the future that need to be solved; it is not possible to get things done with the deep corruption within our government. Citizens need to stand up and demand action.

Impeachment Debate (04:24)

The House of Representatives votes for impeachment. Tensions escalate between America and Iran. Gaetz and Massie vote in favor of a bill asserting the House's Constitutional war powers. The COVID stimulus bill awards special interests millions of dollars.

Credits: The Swamp (01:38)

Credits: The Swamp

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