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Global Positioning System (08:41)


The space program propelled technological advancements. NASA initially created GPS to track satellites. Modern GPS measures where a device is on Earth by triangulating satellite location in relation to the device. (Credits)

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System (08:54)

Astronauts chose their food prior to a mission. Food scientists initially invented lightweight food that was easy to digest in a tube; dehydrating food eliminated bacterial microbe growth. After botulism and broken glass harmed the public, the food industry adopted similar principles.

WildBook (07:25)

The Hubble Telescope looked at stars 13.4 billion lightyears away. NASA created the growth algorithm to help scientists measure distances between stars. Jason Holmberg used the pattern-matching algorithm to identify whale sharks and other critically endangered species.

Credit Records (06:58)

The Apollo Program required thousands of computers to make travel to the Moon possible. The Space Taskforce created the first automated checkout station and computer system. TRW, Inc. developed a credit checking system to prevent fraud using NASA technology.

Coronary Bypass (07:33)

Three doctors in Cedar Sinai hospital improved surgical techniques using cold laser technology after consulting with JPL Physics Group. NASA used Nimbus satellites to collect data in the ozone layer; an excimer laser used Ultraviolet waves to calculate the amount of ozone.

Wearable Medical Devices (07:58)

The average smartphone or watch can monitor steps, heart rate, and sleep amount. Currently, astronauts are only monitored during spacewalks. Paramedics implement NASA-developed telemetry technologies; technologies can help firefighters, hazardous waste workers, and patients in hospitals.

Credits: The Pulse of Tech (00:28)

Credits: The Pulse of Tech

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Forget outer space! The impact of NASA can be felt all around us, and, in fact in our very bodies. From the worldwide financial network, to tracking endangered species, the food you eat, to the very arteries feeding your heart. NASA’s shaping of our modern lives is so extreme it’s impossible to imagine life without this force.

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