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Introduction: Masculinity Uncovered (02:52)


Photography Artist Ajamu X wants to change taboos about the penis. In this film, men will openly discuss their penises and how it makes them feel about being men; Ajamu X will take photographs.

Size and Masturbation (04:39)

Men share feelings about penis size; comments can be emasculating. They recall the first time they masturbated and discuss how religion affects their feelings about self-pleasure.

Male Nudity (03:57)

A man reflects on taking naked photographs; his body is his biggest fear. Ajamu X discusses why he photographs penises and removing the label of pornography. Men reflect on societal perceptions and shame associated with erections.

Erections and Sex (04:25)

Men discuss getting erections at various times, sometimes without feeling sexual. They reflect on erection failure and penetration.

Reproduction (03:03)

Men share how they feel about semen. A man recalls learning his sperm count is zero and using a sperm donor to conceive a child.

Sexuality (02:13)

A man often feels wrong during sex; his first sexual experience was rape at the age of 10. He recalls questioning whether he was gay, needing to prove himself a man, and spending time in jail.

Identity and Masculinity (05:01)

Ajamu X photographs men in black and white. His work focuses on what men are and who society allows them to be. A man reflects on attending a boarding school at age seven and realizing later that he and classmates were victims of sexual abuse.

Pornography and Self-Image (05:05)

Men reflect on using porn for masturbation, and how it affected their perceptions of sex and self. A man recalls punishing his body because he is gay; Ajamu X photographs him naked.

Male Body (02:43)

A man describes the symbolism of his penis and his job as a high-class escort. The differences between men and women are beautiful and should be celebrated.

Perceptions of Masculinity (06:58)

Ajamu X wants men to celebrate their bodies and sexuality. Men discuss their outlook on masculinity, experiences as a police officer, and genital injuries. Ajamu X photographs an octopus on a man's feet

Men and Emotions (05:06)

Masculinity becomes an important aspect in secondary school; behavioral patterns extend into adulthood. Men reflect on masculinity and what it means to be a man. A man discusses transitioning from a girl to a man.

Credits: Masculinity Uncovered (02:00)

Credits: Masculinity Uncovered

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Masculinity Uncovered

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In this daring new film, men open up to discuss what masculinity means to them. British Artist Ajamu X makes intimate photographic portraits, based on their experiences, to get them to rethink the way they see their bodies and themselves. The men talk candidly about the pleasures and physical realities of the penis from sex and masturbation to erections. They also share experiences of infertility, violence, sexual abuse, homophobia and mental health. Each questions the narrow definitions of masculinity they’ve experienced and call for change: to let men be whoever they want to be. Viewer discretion is advised.

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