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Introduction: The Tudors (01:08)


This episode features highlights from archaeological digs in Britain. Excavations provide insight on the Tudor Era.

Tudor Playhouse (04:21)

Archaeologists excavate the site where Shakespeare worked as a playwright. They unearth the foundation, floor, and various artifacts.

Greenwich Castle (06:31)

The Old Royal Naval College stands on the site of what was once the seat of Tudor power. Artifacts provide insight on the lives of royal occupants. Archaeologists excavate the foreshore of the River Thames.

Carrack: Mary Rose (06:14)

Dr. Alice Roberts examines various artifacts that will go on display with the ship's hull. Archaeologists recover the skeletal remains of 179 individuals; skeletal conditions reveal links to archery.

Strata Florida Abbey (04:47)

The abbey is an important religious site in medieval Britain. Archaeologists excavate the remains of the Cistercian monastery, gaining insight on monastic activities.

Gentry House and Protestantism (03:45)

Henry VIII breaks with Rome and seizes the wealth and lands of the monasteries. Middling gentry obtain the lands to create new estates; they use Strata Florida Abbey as a quarry. Roberts visits the Protestant church built next to the abbey.

Tudor Merchant Vessel (06:30)

The remains of the ship rest in a saltwater lake for preservation. Divers inspect the wreck for signs of decay; a canon links the ship to Sir Thomas Gresham. Artifacts provide insight on the ship's role and crew.

Stratford-Upon-Avon: New Place (09:09)

Archaeologists excavate the site of William Shakespeare's last home. They discover various artifacts, a pit, and brick boxes built by Victorians. The New Place fine establishes Shakespeare's legal ownership of the property.

Museum of London (07:22)

The museum houses over 750,000 objects, including artifacts from the Rose and Globe theaters. The items provide insight on life inside and outside Tudor playhouses. Roberts reflects on discoveries.

Credits: The Tudors (00:48)

Credits: The Tudors

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The Tudors

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We follow excavations at Shakespeare’s first theater and join a team sifting through his rubbish at his last home, revealing clues about his carefulness with money! And on the muddy banks of the Thames we discover the rich history of a forgotten royal palace, home to the Tudor Kings and Queens.

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